Album: 05-27 Wedding

     Album:2016:05-27 Wedding
Pre-Wedding Prep

10 images
We arrive
at the wedding lodge
23 images
Our first "Official Meeting"

35 images
Video Slideshows
that were playing on a screen upstairs
3 images
Ceremony Preparation

45 images
Bridal Preparation

47 images

94 images
Receiving Line /
Hug Line
68 images
before the reception
22 images

138 images
Blues Lesson
that everyone is required to take
32 images
Music Video
We make a music video, and it is good.
1 folder , 9 images
on Sunday
1 folder , 15 images
The Couple
Photos of the cute us.
22 images
The Dress

1 folder , 5 images
Waterfall Wedding Photos
We go to Multnomah Falls to take some wedding photos
55 images
Thank Yous
Arielle hand draws thank you cards for our gratitude.
23 images
The wedding certificate!
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