Album: Pre-Wedding Prep

     Album:2016:05-27 Wedding:Pre-Wedding Prep
First comes the name change
( comments)
The tux before it's repair,
with a beautiful, but rotting inlaid silk ( comments)
( comments)
Instead of wedding cake,
we prepare Wedding Cupcakes! ( comments)
With do-it-yourself toppings galore!
( comments)
And icing!
(dairy free!) ( comments)
We setup a "command center"
at Mom's, and I create a post-it-note project management system to keep us on track. ( comments)
At a pawn shop
looking through DVDs in random order, I come across this. Good omen! :) ( comments)
Making tasty food for the wedding prep crew
( comments)
And then the water pump blows
on our journey to Cle Elum, which we work hard to find an immediate replacement and repair at great expense. ( comments)
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