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     Album:2016:05-27 Wedding:Cabaret

One of the fun activities we told people to plan for was a Cabaret night that we had. Here is the lineup:
Stellar Wedding Preunion Zero Cabaret Night
Huntley Lodge near Cle Elum, WA

00:35 "Booo" with Double Cousin Benjamin
01:30 "Charleston" with Bride Arielle and Nathan
05:11 "Story" with Double Uncle Jay
07:48 "Not Bob Dylan" with Uncle Ken
12:40 "Letters" with Double Aunt Kim
14:10 "More I Cannot Wish You" with Double Cousin Rachel
16:21 "Half Time" with The Ljungsters
21:25 "The Truth About Dave" with Parents Don and Ellen
28:25 "Fall For The Moment" with Gwen and Justin
32:29 "First Date" with Bride Arielle and Groom Dave
40:38 "Sledgehammer" with Da Boss and Jaza
44:35 "Coerced" with Best Man Justin
46:00 "Do It For The Dolla" with the Romacrobats
48:50 "Poem" with R.B.
52:20 "For Dave" with Arielle
54:17 "Dashing Scarves" with M.E. and the Glamour Sisters
57:11 "Everyone Can Sing" with Haley Friend
73:51 Cinnamon Swirl Hug with everyone

Video by brother Mike
Video clips and full video at bottom of page.
The Cabaret signup sheet
( comments)
The crowd gathers
[photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
The first act
starts the cabaret off quite auspiciously [photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
Arielle and Nathan
perform the Charleston number that we've done at some corporate gigs with Nathan [photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
Part of the Charleston routine
[Video, 53M] [Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
Calling the next act
[photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
Uncle Ken
sings a song, using an amazing guitar-cheat-invention he built [photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
The crowd enjoys
[photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
I convince
my nieces and nephews to do an improv game on stage (60-second "Half Time") [photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
A hectic half-life scene
with my nieces and nephews [Video, 6.7M] [Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
More hectic,
at 1/8th time! [Video, 4.2M] [Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
My parental units
"telling a story, making it long" [photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
The full Cabaret
See the notes at the top of the page for the list of acts and times [Video, 295M] ( comments)
Arielle's first improv
on stage! An amazing version of "First Date" using my parents as willing subjects [Video, 36M] ( comments)
An epic dance number that Patsy and Jana choreographed and performed (to one of Arielle's favorite song) [Video, 81M] ( comments)
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