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When we were in SE Asia for three months (our "pre-honeymoon") we designed Arielle's wedding dress and had it made in Thailand, for a fantastic price. It was really hard to find a tailor who would work on it - they all thought it was too unusual from our descriptions/sketches, until finally we found one near the notorious Bangla St in Phuket. They were skeptical through the whole construction until it was done, and then they were overjoyed and wanted to take a photo to put on their website.
Dying Silk Attempt

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An initial set of sketches,
I came up with the peasant dress ruffle idea, and Arielle wanted it to be poofy. ( comments)
One of the final sketches
( comments)
The dress!
[photo Nuria] ( comments)
Hanging from the front
[photo Nuria] ( comments)
The poof.
[photo Nuria] ( comments)
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