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After the reception we continued the celebration with a hug line and official family/friend photos.
The ceremony is over!
Samantha and Nabi walk sweetly after the bride and groom. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Patsy and Jana celebrate after the ceremony. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
New Orleans Jam
Which Jana and Mike bump bums to up the aisle. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Wedding Party Dancers
Patsy and Ted dance it down the aisle. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Mother of the Groom
Mama Ellen and son share a sentimental moment after the wedding. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Bride and Samantha happy together after the ceremony. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Hanging out
probably commenting on how nice the ceremony was. :) With Aunt Maria, Uncle Paul, and Cousin Rachel. [photo Aunt Kim] ( comments)
Double hug
with brother of the groom. Happiness. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Mother of the Bride
Mother and Pops of the bride embrace after the ceremony. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Chicago Ljungs
looking sharp in their wedding attire and smiles. [photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
Look at you!
Mother of the bride has another son! [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Sweet embrace
with the Bride and Laura. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Big smiles all around
The line up for hugs with the Bride, Jana, Aaron and Nabi. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
More big smiles
with the Groom, Michael, Justin, Aaron and Patsy in the hug line up. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Dear friends.
Dave and Melissa in a knowing embrace. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
The 'receiving line'
from above. [photo Aunt Kim] ( comments)
shared between Bride and Jade. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Big hugs for new friends
The Bride and the lovely Melissa. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
An emotional time
for the Bride and Ron and Linda. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Big hugs
between the Groom and and Maria. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Watching the love
with Laurie and Aunt Maria. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
New family
for Aunt Eileen and the Groom. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Ted looking sharp
and and accomplished with another wedding under his belt as the officiant. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Big smile
from Michael. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
The parents of the Groom.
[photo Nuria] ( comments)
Yay friends.
The Bride and Groom with our loveliest Jade. [photo Eric Carter] ( comments)
Moments in between
with Jade looking absolutely fabulous in that dress! [photo Eric Carter] ( comments)
Smile bigger!
I don't think we can happier than this with trouble maker Elena. [photo Eric Carter] ( comments)
Photo with this good guy
Eric helping out with photos and now in one. [photo Eric Carter] ( comments)
Our photographer!
And dear friend from Barcelona, the fetching Miss Nuria. [photo Eric Carter] ( comments)
A top model.
Elena posing for Eric. [photo Eric Carter] ( comments)
Another classic pose.
[photo Eric Carter] ( comments)
A candid moment
between the Bride and Groom. Awww... [photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
Another great angle
on the jump. [photo Ron/Linda] ( comments)
Family traditions
The Mantilla has been in several family weddings. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
The Mantilla
[photo Nuria] ( comments)
Looking vintage
in the family mantilla. We couldn't find a way to work into the ceremony so we brought it out for the photos. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
More kissing.
Always more kissing! [photo Aunt Kim] ( comments)
The love between us
will always be what's most important. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
We did it!
Man and wife! Happiness! Love! Go team! [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Sexy kiss.
Lots of kissing is necessary. Now and always. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Marriage is serious!
[photo Nuria] ( comments)
Bride and Groom and celebrate in full ecstatic body expression. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
The Ljung parents
posing pretty with the Bride and Groom. A happy bunch! [photo Nuria] ( comments)
The Bride's side
showing their happiness with the newlyweds. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Rocking out
with our cocks out. [photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
Exploding with love!
Poof! [photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
[photo Nuria] ( comments)
The Grooms side
posing prettily together. Yay family. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Mom and daughter
so happy together. Always. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
We must be laughing
at something. I wonder... [photo Nuria] ( comments)
With the extra parents
Ron and Linda with Don and Ellen. One big happy family! [photo Nuria] ( comments)
The Wedding Party
The whole gang made it together for the photo. Michael, Nabi, Justing, Groom, Bride, Jesse, Jana, and Patsy.[photo Nuria] ( comments)
Flying together
is always a good time. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
The Groom
steps into the photographer role. Look at that stance! [photo Nuria] ( comments)
The Bride
with her girls Patsy and Jana. She loves them so much!!!! [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Happy with Mel
[photo Nuria] ( comments)
With our dear Jade.
[photo Nuria] ( comments)
Rawr smiles with Elena.
[photo Nuria] ( comments)
Happy together
with Michael and April. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Big smiles
with the whole Chicago Ljungs. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Celebratory photo
with our friend and officiant Ted. So grateful for his support. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Photo with the guys.
Love these fellas! Nathan, Victor and Danny. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Dave gets another brother
and together we are. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Disco Dan everybody,
our friend and now boss. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Thank You Satan!!!
with Danny, Groom, Victor and Bride. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
The best man is beloved with the newlyweds. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
Best Friends
Dave and Justin, through and through. [photo Nuria] ( comments)
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