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     Album:2016:05-27 Wedding:Music Video

I decided that we should make a music video.

We split everyone into small groups and then placed them at spots around the property which we formed a path on.

Then I played the song on my phone as I walked around the path, giving each group a small section of music they would hear, letting them decide whatever they wanted to do to that music.

Then we simply went around and filmed! It worked on the first take, but the battery died, so we had to do it again, and then we had an SD card failure. Crikey. So finally we got it on the third take.

Location: Huntley Lodge near Cle Elum, WA
Date: May 29th, 2016

Bride and Groom: Arielle and Dave Stellar
Folk Band: Cousin Benjamin, Brother Mike, Nieces/Nephews Stella, Parker, Sophie
Hula Hand Jive: Uncle/Aunt Paul/Maria, Cousins Rachel Josh
Bouncing Circle: Aunt Kathleen, Original Mom M.E., Mom #2 Laurie, Original Dad Don
Rose Chapel: Aunt/Uncle Kim/Jay
Quiet Coyote: Cousin Tracy, Aunt/Uncle Shari/Ken, Sister April
Grateful For You: Best Man Justin
Bus Train: Original Mom Ellen, Friends Nuria, Nathan, Mel, Titus
Wild Rumpus: Lukas, Disco, Gwen, Officiant Ted, Ash, Justin, Brother Jesse
Pool Party: Dolan, Haley, Jana, Patsy
The Freddy: Dad/Mom Ron/Linda
Drug Bust: Alena and Eric
The Runaways: Bride and Groom

Videography: Eric/Dave/Eric
Music: Two Heads by Coleman Hell
Camera: GoPro Hero 3 Silver with Yuneec Steadygrip
Stellar Wedding Music Video
Final video, at medium-resolution (50M), or you can get the full-res at 315M ( comments)
"Making of"
My brother filmed a section of me walking around and filming the video ( comments)
The boy band
prepares [photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
My aunt and uncle,
being more romantic than I expected! Aww! [photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
My dad, before losing his shirt
[photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
Minnesota camp and April
prepare their "routine" [photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
The bouncing circle crew
ready for filming. [photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
I think there was a
co-ercing of a certain Parker to be in the video. [photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
Previewing the raw footage.
[photo Cousin Rachel] ( comments)
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