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After taking a two-year break from the Go Game, I decided to re-form (a mini-version of) Team Player for another Go. This time there were prizes courtesy SFWeekly on the order of four plasma TVs. I assembled Haley, Joel and Romeo, and with such a small team size we were able to haul ass around town on a bunch of gas scooters which was fun.

In the end, up against 126 teams, we got first place. Team Player is unstoppable.

My favorite moment, though, even more than winning, was when the 350 players gathered around when Brent, one of the Go Game organizers, started to give instructions, and he noticed us sitting on the side and said something on the order of "Holy cow, Team Player is here!" (and then he murmured, "I've seen you naked!")

Heck, we hadn't played in two years...

Team Player rules!

Team Player!
Joel, Romeo, Haley and Dave
Dating Profile
Create a terrible dating profile for (supposed to be no sound) [Video, 15.3M]
How many perfect triangles?
Turned out the Go Game had written a trick question and didn't know it. They wanted to count triangles without lines through them, I guess, but still there are actually four here and they thought there were only two, can you find them?
World Record "Quickest Change"
Invent and display a new world record - this took some in-camera editing work to get right. (and by "in-camera" I meant we brought my laptop, edited in a few minutes, and put it back in the same place on the camera.. sneaky!) [Video, 6.1M]

Previous Go Game's for Team Player:

03-13-2004 1st place: 915 points
12-04-2004 1st place: 889 points
03-12-2005 1st place: 1304 points
12-03-2005 1st? place: 1078 points (scoring issues??)
11-11-2007 1st place: ~1391? points
Our current total for five games is 5577 points. We rule.
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