Album:San Francisco:2004-03-13 Go Game

So there's this funky thing called "The Go Game" that some folks here run.
It's nifty and cool, and I'd have a hard time explaining it so I'll let their marketing droids do it:

The Go Game is an all-out urban adventure game, a technology-fueled, reality-based experience that encourages hard play and a keen eye for the weird, the beautiful, or the faintly out-of-the-ordinary. Through clues downloaded to a wireless device and hints planted in unlikely places, you'll be guided through a city you only think you're familiar with.

There, does that help?

I didn't think so.

Anyways, I created a team called "Team Player" and we came in second. As it turns out, we got two questions that the first place team didn't get that were flawed and were each enough points for us to lose first. If that wasn't enough, there were some extremely high point questions that we never got, for reasons that are unclear to me. In other words, the game was far from balanced. In the end, we rocked on the judgeable questions, and we cranked out 92% on the non-judgeable questions that weren't broken.

Because of all this, I think I'm going to claim moral victory for our team.

Here's some of our photos from the game. We took some video footage as well, so someday I'll put up the video here.

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Team Player
Fearless Captain Dave, Mitch, Jeff, Erik, Henry, Jeremy and Heide in front (Bodhi not pictured)
Our first quest
is to deface public property. What are the ethics of this game exactly?? [not judged]
Next, "do something daring."
We figure that a Bush/Cheney demonstration on Haight is fairly daring, unfortunately the signs are unreadable on the photo. [58/120 points]
"Find someone with a special talent"
In this case, our acrobat Jeff gets us mega points. [120/120]

"5 photos: Show the .. a medicine or drug"
Instead of a stupid "I got drunk and got sick" Team Player demonstrates what happens when a Neanderthal (Mitch) takes some "Smart Water" (though first he has trouble opening the bottle) [120/120]
Finally the bottle is open And our hero starts ..coming sophisticated
(and literate)
Eventually, he becomes
the buddha

And then he reaches
true enlightenment. (and a perfect judges score for our team :)
"Find a person and d..te a transformation"
We bombed on this one. Our other idea was
to not restrict ourselves to people.

I'm not sure it's much better. "Show a new way to panhandle"
Our piece-de-triomphe, titled "The Jig Is Up," another perfect score [Movie, 3.2M] (no sound - pretend an Irish jig is playing) [100/120]

Game Profile: "Task Force 8"
From Go HQ: "This game kicked butt. Quite possibly the best community game of all time. Record scores, brilliant costumes and an immense outpouring of creativity and love"


1. Nightriders                        Our points breakdown:
   Total Score:         930           1:12:14 Here's the deal             0/0
   Judgable:            257           1:12:43 The rulios                  30/0
   Non-Judgable:        673           1:13:13 Joe Namath thyselves        10/10
                                      1:14:06 Photo Time                  0/0
2. Team Player                        1:15:19 Watch out!                  0/0
   Total Score:         915           1:16:25 Critter [[BROKEN QUESTION]] 0/25
   Judgable:            420           1:31:41 How long can I stay?        25/25
   Non-Judgable:        495           1:34:15 Ten Ten                     25/25
                                      1:36:06 Local Knowledge             23/35
3. Urban Diversion                    1:47:32 Fishy   [[BROKEN QUESTION]] 0/10
   Total Score:         816           1:49:09 Daredevil                   58/120
   Judgable:            256           2:03:28 Into the thick              20/20
   Non-Judgable:        560           2:06:51 Bawling Bride               30/30
                                      2:11:38 Catch Up!                   30/30
4. FireFlys                           2:14:24 True Talent                 120/120
   Total Score:         788           2:19:57 Arriba!                     30/30
   Judgable:            353           2:21:45 Look around                 25/25
   Non-Judgable:        435           2:23:19 Your rides                  30/30
                                      2:27:24 Music to your ears          35/35
5. The Fashionistas                   2:29:40 Alley Cats                  30/30
   Total Score:         778           2:33:30 The Skills to pay the bills 100/120
   Judgable:            296           2:43:18 Water walkers               30/30
   Non-Judgable:        482           2:46:49 Do it                       40/40
                                      2:50:09 Miracle of Science          120/120
6. Belles and Whistles                3:09:24 Transformication            22/120
   Total Score:         769           3:24:59 How's that?                 7/20
   Judgable:            258           3:32:07 Know your city?             30/30
   Non-Judgable:        511           3:32:48 SF Trivia                   20/30
                                      3:33:51 Grateful Trivia             25/25
7. Size Isn't Everything                                 
   Total Score:         767                                 
   Judgable:            313                                 
   Non-Judgable:        454                                 

8. Truth,Justice, and bottle of Rum
   Total Score:         754
   Judgable:            465
   Non-Judgable:        289

9. in with Finn
   Total Score:         745
   Judgable:            259
   Non-Judgable:        486

10. My Baloney Has a First Name
    Total Score:        712
    Judgable:           273
    Non-Judgable:       439

11. Sushi Sam
    Total Score:        687
    Judgable:           284
    Non-Judgable:       403

12. The Romero Repeat Kill Troops
    Total Score:        666
    Judgable:           273
    Non-Judgable:       393

13. The Bus Drivers
    Total Score:        621
    Judgable:           281
    Non-Judgable:       340

14. Team badger
    Total Score:        430
    Judgable:           276
    Non-Judgable:       154
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