Album:2005:12-03 Go Game

Another Go Game, and another decent performance by Team Player.

It's not clear whether we won or not, thanks to the neverending scoring confusion that is Go Game.

Regardless of the final points, I would say:

+ Had a supergreat time - one of the most fun games yet.
- We had a poor performance on our judgeables, they weren't up to the Team Player standard of near 100%

Ah well. It was on my birthday and I had a blast.

On to the pictures!

An excellent warm-up
preparation, I'm given birthday cupcakes! [photo Henry]
Debbie prepares to lose.
[photo Henry]
Getting our gear
[photo Henry]
Team Player rules!
[Top, going down slide] Capt. Dave, Jeanine, new recruit Danny, Haley, Jeff, Hank + Sara

Team Player on the run,
heading out to the next clue.
Danny is broken in
with a Ninja fight!
It's a draw. Unfortunately we find out
that now Danny has to take over the Ninja fighting. And after that he joins the team he fights. And we had to buy him back with tokens. Grrr!

58/120 Demonstrate a simple super power. Jeanine shows us how her elastic abilities can help her escape. Or not.
We catch the Clues Fairy.
We'll see more of her later. [photo Henry]
Name that tune.
We name it in ZERO notes - Jeff walked up and said "Jackson". They need to pick a new song. [photo Henry]
102/120 Combine a historical lesson with dance. We demonstrate the history of the famous "Condor" restaurant.

57/120 Fit as many people as possible in a small space
Jeanine asks a nice old chinese woman
if she wants to shove ice cream in a stranger's face. No speak english.
"Alien Objects"
53/120 Find a normal object that can be transformed to fight aliens
The little kid liked it
more than the judges.

"Touched by an Angel"
60/120 With help from the Go Game Clues Fairy (quote: "You guys are my favorite team!")
Then I am struck by genius.
Send Haley out with one of our used Go Game envelops to the other teams and have her pretend to be a Go Game actor. This team didn't fall for it. But then we managed to bribe the Clue Fairy to let us use her pink wing.
Script: "I have a special bonus clue
in this envelope worth 50 points if you solve it! What can you give me for it?" Then she waited until they figured out to give her some tokens.
This team bought it. And this team was "Better Than" - so even if they did win... *pbbbbltt!!*

Team Player
relaxing after an excellent day.
We are given fake teeth
as our prize. Umm.. Great. [photo Henry]

The score breakdown is weird. They forgot to add in the tokens to everyone's score on game day. We were given second place, but I knew the tokens were screwed up, so I looked at the finals and it was:

Better Than: Judgeable+Non-Judgeable = 243+595 = 838
Team Player: Judgeable+Non-Judgeable = 330+492 = 822

The tokens were 20 points each, we had 8, they had 6 (thanks to Haley's daring).

Better Than: Total+Tokens = 838+120 = 958
Team Player: Total+Tokens = 822+160 = 982

A closer game than we would have liked, for sure, but still a victory for Team Player. Somehow, though when the scores were posted online, I was surprised to see that "Better Than" had magically earned another 120 points, with no explanation.

Better Than

Judgable: 363 <- this score was 243 on game day Tokens: 120 Non-Judgable: 595 Total Score: 1078

Better Than (game day)

Judgable: 243 Tokens: 120 Non-Judgable: 595 Total Score: 958 12:38:22 PM Here's the deal 0/10 12:38:47 PM The rulios 0/10 12:39:40 PM Joe Namath thyselves 10/10 12:42:07 PM Photo Time 10/10 12:43:39 PM Watch out! 0/0 12:44:51 PM Last Tidbit 10/10 12:45:50 PM Romolowski 30/30 12:55:15 PM Got chips? 120/30 12:57:04 PM Poet's lair 15/15 12:58:59 PM In the alley 30/30 1:00:03 PM Jack and Jill 35/35 1:04:12 PM Squish! 20/120 1:11:40 PM Fab Dan 35/35 1:13:59 PM Bawling Bride 30/30 1:23:28 PM Catch Up! 35/35 1:25:39 PM Bananarama Prod. Presents 20/120 1:34:57 PM Sight 35/35 1:35:30 PM Heros 20/20 1:36:08 PM On your knees! 0/0 1:38:00 PM Research 45/50 1:40:57 PM Time to brawl 45/45 1:48:00 PM Margrave Alley 0/30 1:49:02 PM Again! 0/30 1:49:26 PM Margrave 35/35 1:54:33 PM Alien Objects 95/120 2:03:49 PM Sports and wood 35/35 2:09:13 PM Las Luces 30/30 2:13:12 PM Powers 108/120 2:28:12 PM Number Series 50/50 2:30:48 PM Stone age game 30/30 2:34:39 PM Slimy Stuff 30/30 2:35:29 PM Historical Ballet 120/120

Team Player

Judgable:       330      
Non-Judgable:   492
Tokens:         160
Total Score:    982

12:38:20 PM     Here's the deal             0/10
12:38:35 PM     The rulios                  0/10
12:39:02 PM     Joe Namath thyselves        10/10
12:39:41 PM     Photo Time                  10/10
12:41:00 PM     Watch out!                  0/0
12:41:20 PM     Last Tidbit                 10/10
12:42:33 PM     Sight                       35/35
12:44:34 PM     Got chips?                  160/30
12:46:23 PM     Fab Dan                     35/35
12:52:20 PM     Time to brawl               45/45
12:56:18 PM     Margrave Alley              0/30
12:57:02 PM     Again!                      0/30
12:57:29 PM     Margrave                    35/35
12:59:27 PM     Powers                      58/120
1:11:56 PM      Jack and Jill               35/35
1:15:04 PM      Sports and wood             35/35
1:21:37 PM      Las Luces                   30/30
1:25:28 PM      Historical Ballet           102/120
1:37:24 PM      Romolowski                  30/30
1:40:57 PM      Poet's lair                 15/15
1:41:49 PM      In the alley                30/30
1:42:59 PM      Number Series               0/50
1:49:55 PM      Heros                       20/20
1:50:31 PM      Slimy Stuff                 17/30
1:59:35 PM      Squish!                     57/120
2:09:13 PM      Hungry Frogs                40/40
2:10:20 PM      Random question             30/30
2:10:59 PM      Stone age game              30/30
2:15:00 PM      Alien Objects               53/120
2:26:45 PM      Bananarama Prod. Presents   60/120
Final scores:
1. Better than	
Total Score:	1078 	
Judgable:	363	
Non-Judgable:	715	
2. Team player	
Total Score:	982 	
Judgable:	330	
Non-Judgable:	652	
3. The henrys	
Total Score:	923 	
Judgable:	343	
Non-Judgable:	580	
4. Soxual healing	
Total Score:	852 	
Judgable:	287	
Non-Judgable:	565	
5. Browncoats	
Total Score:	774 	
Judgable:	224	
Non-Judgable:	550	
6. Its on	
Total Score:	749 	
Judgable:	319	
Non-Judgable:	430	
7. Mm	
Total Score:	708 	
Judgable:	110	
Non-Judgable:	598
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