Album:San Francisco:2004-12-04 Go Game

So, we did another Go Game, and this time (even though we were too early for the Go Game actors on two occasions) we completely tromped the competition.

Team Player rules! Happy Birthday to me!

Mitch flaked, but we added HaleyMo, Joel and Hank's girl Sara, and there was fear everywhere as we

This time we won a free game. We will be back, and we will, we will, we will rock you.

This game was a fundraiser for Glynn Washington's Oakland mayoral campaign. None of us had heard of Glynn, but he turned out to be a great guy, and ended up starring in one of our movies.

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Team Player!
(L to R) HaleyMo, Dave, Joel, Jeff, Heide, Sara, Hank, Jeremy
Getting ready
for the game, Mayoral Candidate Glynn standing nearby, then Dave, Haley, Sara, Heide (Hank obscured), Joel and Jeremy/Jeff up front [From Glynn's website]
Glynn, Mayoral Candidate,
sneaking up on Team Player during the setup, hoping to gain some of our victory vibes. [Glynn's website]
Preparing our group photo
[Glynn's website]

First clue.
We were briefly tagged by Glynn's photo guy, and we told him that he should follow us so he could see the winning team, but he couldn't keep up with Team Player's fast-paced, unstoppable power. [Glynn's website]
Mission: Daredevil
We nailed this one with 120 points
This photo
would probably have been a better choice
Note the sign in window
(thanks to an obscuring metal bar hiding the letter 'T')

Mission: Disorder
"Fabric Possession" (not possession of fabric, but being possessed by fabric). We kind of blew this - in retrospect we realized that this doesn't really fly as a "disorder" - but we still got 61/120 points!
The scarf is so... compelling The jacket, so warm,..zy, I must touch it. You know, this skirt..teal at only $16.99.

The possession begins. And then!
(Yea, I know. We plagiarized our own joke with the man->woman transformation, but we were getting desperate.
'Ohm'-ing at Starbucks to get a password. We caught batman!
Bonus points!

Mission: How To Be/N.. A Mayoral Candidate
Who better to act out the Mayoral candidate that Glynn himself! (At-home viewers, this is a how NOT to)
Back at the cafe,
enjoying the judging section. [Glynn's website]

Our points overview:

Non-Judgable: 100% correct except for 'Easy' and 'the race' (which was kludged)
Judgable: 100% perfect score except for "Disorder"

Final scoring, top five teams:

1. Team player                             Our points breakdown:
   Total Score:      889                   1:40:42 PM	Joe Namath thyselves 10 /10
   Judgable:         301                   1:42:05 PM	Photo Time           10 /10
   Non-Judgable:     588                   1:44:52 PM	Last Tidbit           0 /0
                                           1:45:22 PM	Paint                30 /30
2. Go glens                                1:48:15 PM	Power Skills         80 /80
   Total Score:      770                   2:00:06 PM	That number          30 /30
   Judgable:         191                   2:05:25 PM	Sausage              30 /30
   Non-Judgable:     579                   2:10:24 PM	Reads                30 /30
                                           2:13:08 PM	Daredevil           120 /120
3. Wonder                                  2:20:21 PM	The Colonel          30 /30
   Total Score:      695                   2:27:08 PM	Bawling Bride        30 /30
   Judgable:         302                   2:36:06 PM	Catch Up!            30 /30
   Non-Judgable:     393                   2:37:44 PM	Disorder             61 /120
                                           2:56:10 PM	WiFi Heaven          30 /30
4. Goose poop                              3:00:54 PM	Listen up            30 /30
   Total Score:      635                   3:01:24 PM	How to              120 /120
   Judgable:         244                   3:12:03 PM	WiFi Recall          15 /15
   Non-Judgable:     391                   3:12:35 PM	More story Questions 15 /15
                                           3:14:17 PM	Easy                  0 /30
5. Phoneys                                 3:23:19 PM	The Race             10 /10
   Total Score:      591                   3:25:46 PM	The race Part        48 /80
   Judgable:         247                   3:27:43 PM	Symbols              30 /30
   Non-Judgable:     344                   3:32:10 PM	Belly of the Beast   30 /30
                                           3:35:04 PM	Tunes                30 /30
                                           3:40:19 PM	Bunny?               40 /40
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