Album: Me


Here are some of my favorite pictures of my favorite person.

After looking at some of these, one might conclude that I like screaming and falling a whole bunch. This would be a reasonable conclusion to draw.

Me and my Bear
[Kodi/and Me] ( comments)
My bear
[2004/Keith Visits] ( comments)
Me and my bear.
She was my everything. [Kodi/2004-09 Grandparents Visit] ( comments)
Damn, I'm sexy fine!
[Childhood] ( comments)
Learning to fly
[Colorado] ( comments)
Going back to the jump
site, many years later and finally getting some video [2011/06 Denver] ( comments)
Lindy Hop photo shoot for SF Magazine
[1999/Dancing/Professional] ( comments)
That is one ridiculous Zoot Suit.
[1999/Dancing/Professional] ( comments)
Surfing the Playa at Burning Man
[BM'01] ( comments)
[2001/Disney] ( comments)
Dancing is more difficult while laughing..
[2002/Swing Break SDLX] ( comments)
My great moment in t.. coveted square four
[2003/LindyProm] ( comments)
Doing research for AdventureDave Tours
[2003/Canyonlands] ( comments)
Surveying the universe
[2003/Canyonlands] ( comments)
Mountain man, taming the wild frontier.
[2003/Portland Waterfalls] ( comments)
Looking thoughtful?
Consternated? Confused? [2003/here] ( comments)
Me and my (near-finished) robots
[2003 Robots] ( comments)
Watching firemaking
at Burning Man [BM'04] ( comments)
Dave the Angry Ogre
[BM'05, courtesy Romeo] ( comments)
Big, angry teeth
[thanks to JP of FamiliarImage] ( comments)
I have no explanation for this
[here] ( comments)
Ogre watches the waterfall
[2006-03-08 Amber Visits] ( comments)
More waterfalls
[2006-05-18 Yosemite] ( comments)
Teaching at Blues Rising
[2007-03-09 Blues Rising - courtesy Romeo] ( comments)
Stunt falling
with Luke, because it's funny. [2007-04-20 ATLX] [Video] ( comments)
This is quite possibly
the greatest photo of all time. [2007-04-27 bluesSHOUT - City Museum - courtesy Romeo] ( comments)
OgreDave at the beach
[2007-06-20 Seattle Invasion] ( comments)
I am a skateboard stuntman
(okay, so it's a joke, though I do know how to skate) [2007-06-20 Seattle Invasion] ( comments)
my night clothing at Burning Man [2008 BRC] ( comments)
Little Dave and Big Joe
(with slight editing) [2008-06-13 JKLBX] ( comments)
The captain
of the Herrang Pirate Crew [Herrang '06 Week 2] ( comments)
Dave the Creepy Superhero
[2009/SoFlex] ( comments)
Dave and Mr. Peterson,
awesome caricature by JP of [2007/09/06] ( comments)
Doing improv with Romeo
[2007-11-06/here - photo Finn] ( comments)
Headshot for improv
[2008-04-18 Headshot - photo E. Carter] ( comments)
Thoughtful Dave
(new spokesman for Vitamin Water) [Facebook: Anna's Love Party March 8th] ( comments)
The Hërrang mines
[2009/Hërrang] ( comments)
based on Allena's Herrang Photo [Kelly Pavao] ( comments)
Photo shoot with Eden for...
[2009/Frankie95/ photo Eden Rice] ( comments)
Terminator Dave
Drawing by the amazing Eden Rice. Unfortunately it's hard to scan graphite, so you can't see how DaveLike the face is. Wow. ( comments)
[2009/Burning Man] ( comments)
Dave and his computer
[2010/Lindy Focus - photo Bobby Bonsey] ( comments)
After dancing all night
[2011/Herrang] ( comments)
[2012/Pirate Radio Blues] ( comments)
Which inspired this sketch
by the amazing Sophie, the Halifax Shark ( comments)
Digital Painting
by the amazing artist and dancer Jeremy Sutton [No album - 2012/04/14 Open Studios] ( comments)
Carrying my trusty travel/shoe bag,
wearing a Blues shirt, wandering Europe at 4am, sitting on the street not knowing my location.. This picture sums me up pretty well [2012/06 Barcelona] ( comments)
I actually have
a Big Red Bus [2013/London GNSH] ( comments)
Being interviewed by Glenn,
I take over and start to interview him [2013/SoFlex-Tampa] ( comments)
Holding court with Titus
[2013/Austin Lindy Exchange] ( comments)
Walking on Embarcadero
under the Bay Bridge with Arielle ( comments)
At Madison
[2014/Road Trip/Madison] ( comments)
Doing "security"
for Kat & Walker's Backyard Boylesque show [2014/12] ( comments)
Dave Framed
[1999?] ( comments)
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