Album: 04-23 Ogre Coat

     Album:2005:04-23 Ogre Coat

After four years of building things for Burning Man, I decided that I was finally going to take care of myself, and create a cozy costume and an electric vehicle to haul me around.

For reasons too long to list here, I decided to become an Ogre.

A DaveOgre.

Here is the first part of my costume, this massive (fake) fur jacket (with somewhat obscured fake tattered leather/skin vest).

And the Ukelele. That too.

First the DaveOgre coat
was actually finished in February ( comments)
Make me angry like Ogre.
( comments)
The back.
( comments)
My coat and vest
(and the little Ukelele that I'm learning to play) ( comments)
Sometimes I eat the Ukelele
( comments)
For I am an angry Ogre!
(with horns) ( comments)
I plan on serenading
young maidens with the dulcet sounds of my Ukelele. Do you think that will work? ( comments)
The shirt and vest
[WeenieBooty, 2007] ( comments)
Pants and some of the monsterboots
[WeenieBooty, 2007] ( comments)
The outfit at Burning Man
(sans Shirt) [Burning Man, 2008] ( comments)
At a cathartic, solitary burn,
I unfortunately stand too close and actually burn some of the jacket [Burning Man 2008] ( comments)
Inspiration #1
The Ogre from Time Bandits ( comments)
Inspiration #2
Sweetums from the Muppet Show ( comments)
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