Album:2005:04-23 Ogre Coat

After four years of building things for Burning Man, I decided that I was finally going to take care of myself, and create a cozy costume and an electric vehicle to haul me around.

For reasons too long to list here, I decided to become an Ogre.

A DaveOgre.

Here is the first part of my costume, this massive (fake) fur jacket (with somewhat obscured fake tattered leather/skin vest).

And the Ukelele. That too.

First the DaveOgre coat
was actually finished in February
Make me angry like Ogre. The back. My coat and vest
(and the little Ukelele that I'm learning to play)
Sometimes I eat the Ukelele For I am an angry Ogre!
(with horns)
I plan on serenading
young maidens with the dulcet sounds of my Ukelele. Do you think that will work?
The shirt and vest
[WeenieBooty, 2007]
Pants and some of the monsterboots
[WeenieBooty, 2007]
The outfit at Burning Man
(sans Shirt) [Burning Man, 2008]
At a cathartic, solitary burn,
I unfortunately stand too close and actually burn some of the jacket [Burning Man 2008]
Inspiration #1
The Ogre from Time Bandits
Inspiration #2
Sweetums from the Muppet Show
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