Album: 10-31 Halloween Grim Reaper Costume

     Album:2011:10-31 Halloween Grim Reaper Costume

For years (since 2007) I had envisioned an enormous Halloween costume that I've wanted to make, but unfortunately for years I have been outside the States every Halloween. This Halloween I was up in Seattle, and it was time to finally put together my costume.

Effictively it was a 10 foot tall Grim Reaper carrying around my ripped-in-half upper torso. It was received quite well, to say the least. Much to my surprise it legitimately frightened and freaked out a number of grown adults. Hallelujah.

The construction photos are here. Unfortunately I've yet to get a good photo that shows off the full effect, I'll do that as soon as I get back to SF and will post it thusly.

The frame.
( comments)
Starting the torso
( comments)
After adding some foam
and starting the cloak ( comments)
Foam and cloak
(most of which is hanging under the frame) ( comments)
Beginning the headpiece,
thanks to a foam skull I found at a Halloween shop ( comments)
The fabric of the headpiece.
( comments)
One of the arms somewhat done.
( comments)
( comments)
More foam
to make the frame less boxy (though this still needs work) ( comments)
Fabric done
(first revision) ( comments)
Skull mounted
on the 'neck piece' ( comments)
Basic structure complete
though I forgot to wear a glove on the Reaper's right arm. ( comments)
A new, roomier cloak
(and a Reaper belt) ( comments)
I begin work
on making the torso guts ( comments)
I wrap cheap red Luau necklaces
in saran wrap to make intestines ( comments)
..And attach to the bottom
as well as some rubber tubes (painted red) ( comments)
New torso, take 1
( comments)
And the costume, at the party I went to
(though it's not all visible) ( comments)
Better shot of the costume,
though black on black hides the Reaper's arms a bit. ( comments)
A better shot,
but my legs are too visible in the fabric. To fix. ( comments)
Being choked by the Reaper
( comments)
Where is my body?
( comments)
Head-on shot
( comments)
Video showing arm movement
[Video, 15.1M] ( comments)
Side view,
showing the torso ( comments)
Being choked by the Grim Reaper
( comments)
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