Album: 10-26 Zombie Prom

     Album:2012:10-26 Zombie Prom

Went to see Zombie Prom.

I brought my massive reaper costume, spurred on by the costume contest.

Much to my surprise, the contest was invite only, and it took some finagling to get an invite. And then I didn't make it to the finals, though Richard Simmons did. Go figure.

Slim Jenkins playing,
with Zombie Go-Go Girls ( comments)
The crowd
( comments)
Nabi and Nick,
wokka wokka ( comments)
Dave's torso and Nabi
( comments)
The Reaper kills Dave and Nabi
( comments)
In the contest..
( comments)
The reaper snaps my neck.
( comments)
And I am dead
[photo Michael ODonnell] ( comments)
The finalists
[photo Michael ODonnell] ( comments)
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