Album: 10-31 West-Hollywood-Halloween

     Album:2017:10-31 West-Hollywood-Halloween

We venture down to West Hollywood because we hear that it has a good Halloween party.

Holy cow.

It's really, really big.

We bring the bus and the Grim Reaper costume, and it finally gets the recognition it deserves, which is really satisfying.

The reaper is a massive hit
( comments)
..and I am constantly stopped
for photo ops. ( comments)
..which is really fun.
( comments)
..though it's hard
to walk anywhere [Video, 18.3M] ( comments)
Charlie is dressed up
like a stretchy ghosty weirdo loveball ( comments)
She peeks out.
( comments)
But then I am murdered
( comments)
Decent view of the torso
( comments)
( comments)
Having fun, dead.
( comments)
There's a knockoff
copy of my costume idea. ( comments)
This is a brilliant
and huge costume ( comments)
The reaper
walks down the street [Video, 15.4M] ( comments)
Charlie is a dancing whirling sparkly dervish [Video, 12M]
[Video, 12M] ( comments)
Post Halloween,
posing with the reaper. ( comments)
The next day
we get to visit college buddy Keith ( comments)
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