Album:2008:01-25 Enter The Blues

Sosh and I decided to outdo our shenanigans at LindyFocus (the "Late Night Liberation Front"), and we created a presentation for people to "learn" about the (ancient) History of Blues Dancing.

(You don't find this stuff on Wikipedia..)

I stay with Mike T Girl
and her two cats, Caiya (sp?) and Lunch (not shown)
Mike the Girl
eyes me suspiciously.
Haley gets ready for the teacher jam
[photo Sharon C]
[photo Sharon C]
Dancing with Haley
in the instructors Jam [photo Silverlyn]
..Is tasty.
[photo Silverlyn]
..And fun.
[photo Silverlyn]
The advantage to teaching
with two follows.. [photo Sharon C] that I get to jam twice
[photo Sharon C]
Then it became a free-for-all
[photo Sharon C]
Which was chaotic
and amusing. [photo Sharon C]
Falling Haley
[photo Sharon C]
Dancing with Megan
[photo Sharon C]
We all take a bow
[photo Sharon C]
Dancing with Megan
is dreamy. [photo Sharon C]
My two most favoritest blues teachers
and two of my favoritest ever blues dancers, Haley and Mike, in one place!
Teaching with Mike T. Girl
[photo Sharon C]
Looking retarded..
[photo Sharon C] a specialty
of mine. [photo Sharon C]
Making everyone walk.
(balance class intro)
Mike and I teach Foundations II
on Saturday morn. [photo Silverlyn]
And the class
is fortunately awake. [photo Silverlyn]
Slide with Mike
[photo Silverlyn]
The class tries it out.
[photo Silverlyn]
Super retarded...
[photo Silverlyn]
Haley and I
teach Stretch and Counterbalance later on Saturday [photo Silverlyn]
Watching class.
[photo Silverlyn]
Playing air guitar?
[photo Silverlyn]
And now it looks
like I'm making an elephant (but I'm just stretching) [photo Silverlyn]
Caught by Haley.
[photo Silverlyn]
Haley shows her feet.
[photo Silverlyn]
Dave shows his feet.
[photo Silverlyn]
Answering a question
[photo Silverlyn]
Haley is scared
[photo Silverlyn]
As I present
"what not to do" [photo Silverlyn]
Judging a contest
[photo Sharon C]
Haley judges the prelims
[photo Silverlyn]
Solo Blues Contest Judging contests
is such hard work. [photo Silverlyn]
(with Matt S.)
Karis brought a spinny
light-up raver toy, so I wore it on my head. [photo Alan]
Haley dances with Gamble
[photo Silverlyn]
While Dave focuses
[photo Silverlyn]
Michael Gamble takes the podium
to share our research on the history of blues dancing at the Saturday late night [photo Alan]
Haley as "Gara"
the cavewoman searching for food, when two cavesuitors come along. [photo Alan]
Cavemen approach
[photo Sharon C]
Caveman Sosh make fire!
[photo Sharon C]
The invention of Blues
[photo Sharon C]
Caveman Dave wins
[photo Sharon C]
Luke as "Rock Banger"
becomes a distraction. [photo Alan]
The Inquisitor
listens to grave information from his Advisor [photo Alan]
..and decides to kill
the Prisoner for his clear violation of anti-Blues laws [photo Alan]
Spelunker #1 and Spelunker #2
find a cave painting, while Spelunkers #3 et. al. are catching up. [photo Alan]
Spelunker #2 points out
the strange motions the figures in the painting are doing. [photo Alan]
Joe works his charms
at the "House Party" [photo Alan]
The Picker-Upper/Picker-Uppee,
the Mess-Arounds, the Grinders and the Smoochers. [photo Alan]
The Evolution of Blues Video
[Video Soo]
Mike and I
teach "Movement Based Musicality" on Sunday [photo Silverlyn]
And are caught on camera
[photo Silverlyn]
Now that's awesome.
[photo Silverlyn]
Mike, Haley and I
teach the last class, "Technique" [photo Silverlyn]
Which was basically
a Q&A session... [photo Silverlyn]
And a demo of socks.
[photo Silverlyn]
Haley starts pole dancing.
[photo Silverlyn]
Demo with Mike
[photo Silverlyn]
Dancing on Sunday,
though I arrived very late. [photo Silverlyn]
Dancing with Cari
[Video youtube:matttherogue]
And then the Sun late night
was back at Several Dancer's Core [photo Silverlyn]
Didn't I say Luke was dangerous?
(With Stryder)
Haley decided to hide.
[photo Silverlyn]
So I joined her.
[photo Silverlyn]
And we had a stupid dance
[photo Silverlyn]
Which was still fun.
[photo Silverlyn]
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