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Thanks to Sosh I skipped RAF (Rhythmic Arts Festival) and went to LindyFocus this year to teach blues and have a great time. I was wary, because I had never enjoyed hotel events before, but this one kicked ass with the fun-ness. I am only sad to hear that RAF is no more since I would love to skip it again.

The blues classes were great, the people were great and the dancing was great.

LindyFocus'07 also saw the creation of the "Late Night Liberation Front" where Sosh and I brought the Herrang late night count to North Carolina, as well as "Austin" - my chaw-eatin' Lindy-Hoppin' mullett-wearing alter-ego. Yeeha!

Dancing with the yet-to-be-born
Stricklett [photo Michelle]
I run into Michelle
who I last hung out with years ago when she had curly hair. [photo Michelle]
And Bela
who I saw back in Herrang [photo Michelle]
We sneak up
on Andrew Sutton during the meeting [photo Soo/Silverlyn]
He almost catches us,
except for our stealthy camoflauge skills. [photo Soo/Silverlyn]
[photo Sharon C]
And then we take
over the meeting! [photo Soo/Silverlyn]
You see, Sosh and I
had been in "meetings" the night before, and when we went to the late night dance at 2:30am.. [photo Soo/Silverlyn]
..There was nobody there!
And the LNLF (Late Night Liberation Front) was born. [photo Soo/Silverlyn]
Wielding an angry gun,
we demanded that dancers come to the late night. [photo Soo/Silverlyn]
There would be a city count.
And (according to city attendance), the best represented cities would be rewarded... [photo Soo/Silverlyn]
And the least represented cities
would be PUNISHED. [photo Soo/Silverlyn]
Judging something again?
[photo Sharon C]
Then I was chosen as a pro lead
for the Jack/Jill Pro/Am to dance with Morgan [photo Soo/Silverlyn]
It was easy-peasy
[photo Soo/Silverlyn]
And we rocked it..
[photo Soo/Silverlyn]
And she got third place!
[photo Soo/Silverlyn]
Dancing with Morgan
[photo Sharon C]
Andrew led a charleston jam,
and then I went up to announce my Blues Class, and Andrew gave me a surprisingly awesome introduction.
Mike and I
taught Blues in the evenings [photo Sharon C]
I find the lighting
on this one entertaining, even if my face looks overly concerned [photo Silverlyn]
Work it!
[photo Sharon C]
Am I right or what? [photo Sharon C]
Clearly I take this seriously
[photo Sharon C]
And at late night
there was a Hokey Pokey Jam.
The late night was truly spectacular
though I would have done without the Hokey Pokey.
On Saturday
the LNLF was rounded up and brought in hooded, to be escaped by Sosh's Ninjas. I don't have photos of that. This is Sunday. [photo Lindsay Lou]
On Sunday "we" were brought back in
this time with our hands bound so we couldn't call the Ninjas (by raising his arm). [photo Lindsay Lou]
[photo Lindsay Lou]
But then "Sosh" realized
he could bend down to "raise his ninja fist" [photo Lindsay Lou]
The Ninjas surrounded
and Sosh and I suddenly appeared from the back of the room.
This brilliant magic trick
thanks to Mike and Reul who dressed up as Sosh and I for the sake of a quick change. [photo Lindsay Lou]
But then Sutton
pointed out that *he* was at late night, and Sosh was not, just like Saturday. Sosh, desperate to save his life, claimed he had an "excuse" [photo Lindsay Lou]
And one by one,
his "valid excuse" came out on stage to ask when he was coming back to bed. [photo Lindsay Lou]
And that would have been fine,
but Sosh decided to betray us and attack with Silly String. [photo Lindsay Lou]
So I then announced my blues class
would be a bit delayed, while I go cleaned out my hair. [photo Michelle]
On Monday each level
did performances.
Level 6? I think this was Level 6 Andrew and I
quietly entertain while people get ready for the awards meeting [photo Aimee]
And then New Years dancing
Laura Glaess was there,
and she rocks.
Solomon's band jamming
after the year turns over.
Lined up for execution
or possibly for the invitational Jack and Jill. [photo Lindsay Lou]
And the ladies line up.
Somehow I luck out and get Mike as my partner, the only follow I've danced with more than once or twice (though I must confess that's not really in the spirit of Jack and Jill's, now is it? :) [photo Lindsay Lou]
Jon magically
improves Rebecca's portrait [photo Lindsay Lou]
The ladies:
Megan, Eva, Lindsay Lou and Mike T. Girl [photo Lindsay Lou]
I was given orders
to cheer up some ladies. [photo Michelle]
A difficult task, I confess.
And a good beginning
to a new year. [photo Michelle]
I discover my Mullett wearing
alter ego "Austin" the Lindy Hoppin' Hick. "Hey, can y'all beat my sister for me, I'm fi'in to go" [photo Michelle]
Mike's response:
"Dave, stop that right now. That's disturbing. Stop."
Late Night!
[photo ??]
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