Album: The Late Night Count

     Album:2005:07-02 Herrang:The Late Night Count

I took the late night count every night at Herrang except for two. Here are the graphs for the counts by percent.

You can also see all the data in the Excel chart, or the graphs that Excel made (though they don't have the keys properly labeled)

Week One
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Week Two
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Week Three
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Week Four
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Late Night Count

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When is the late night count?
Answer: After you leave.
Question: No really, when is it?
Answer: Very late, generally when all the people who are waiting for the late night count have gone to bed. Usually it happens when there are 20 or so people left. So if you're just waiting for the late night count to happen, then it really probably won't happen until you leave. Besides - if many people leave right after the late night count, we generally throw away the first count and do it again. So, if you're only up for the late night count, go to sleep. If you're up for dancing, great!
Question: I was in the bar/cafe/cozy room all night! Why won't you count me?
Answer: I suggest you start your own bar/cafe/cozy room late night count.
Question: I have more questions about the late night count? Who can I bother about this?
Answer: Dave, if you can find him. Generally the ballroom after 5am is a good bet.
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