Album: Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots

     Album:2003:08-25 Burning Man:Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots

I made some robots.

They're my friends.

And here they are, kickin' the crap out of each other.

(Many photos courtesy Meuon)

Late night final touches.
To improve stability, with help from Jen. ( comments)
T.C. who helped get ..idea off the ground.
And the Blue Bomber in pristine shape. ( comments)
The robots
after their first fights ( comments)
Red Rocker
has a broken nose ( comments)
Robot assistant Jen #1
( comments)
Dave and Robot assistant Jennifer #2
( comments)
ReSe Robots
in action [photo webbery] ( comments)
Action shot!
(c) Scott Price ( comments)
courtesy bucky ( comments)
And the Blue Bomber's
chin is smashed in ( comments)
Super action shot
( comments)
Referee Dave makes some adjustments
( comments)
Note the playa dust covered cheerer in the center. ( comments)
Getting ready for another round.
( comments)
( comments)
Jen takes over
the bell and whistle for a bit. ( comments)
You knocked my block off!
( comments)
No, I am not
grabbing my crotch. ( comments)
Right on the chin.
( comments)
Red Rocker wins!
( comments)
Almost as big as the Red Rocker..
( comments)
Another hapless victim
prepares for her doom. ( comments)
Unsure of what to do next.
( comments)
More combat
( comments)
[photo <a href=’/redir.cgi?’>JTG</a>]
Thunderdome sucks!
Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots rules! ( comments)
Evidently some'Em Sock'Em Robots
in 2003 and I didn't even see them! ( comments)
The robots,
before getting disassembled and brought home. ( comments)
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