Album:San Francisco:2003-08-25 Burning Man

"We no longer need to go to heaven. Heaven has wisely come all the way down to earth."
- Diana Trimble, "Sacred Uproar," BRC'2001

Went to Burning Man.
Words can never describe it.

I brought the Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots
I had a good time.

Didn't take a lot of photos, and I lost some, but here they are.

Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots
27 images
My loaded truck
overloaded with robots (actually Nate Smith's truck)
Dave the greeter
(taken by neighbor Jimmy who happened to come in my greeting lane)
After dipping your hand
in molten wax for hours
You too can have a wax hand!
The Man The mountains
from the Playa, right next to the boxing ring
Jennifer Compton
from Lumerian Tribe
Lumerian Tribe
at 5:00 (Dubious) and Esplanade
The hand of god
spouted enormous jets of fire
from below Wholly Burger
with the house of cards in the background
David Best's Temple of Honor
The House Of Cards
which took forever to catch on fire
The Man in the distance The Esplanade and the mountains More mountains
The Chandelier Jesus A walkway out onto the Playa Getting ready for the burn
Nate Smith's Pillar Of Fire Would create pillars of fire,
not surprisingly
The Man and the machine Starting a vortex
Exposure showing flames Growing taller Starting to spin The vortex and the Man
Again Again
(my favorite)
Again The Man
raises his arms for the burn
EL Wire is big
These are art cars lined up for the burn
Fire dancers Always perform in front of the man Before the burn
The largest collecti..dancers in the world Save the Man! The fireworks start before the burn
And the fire begins Only the base is left The ghost of Dave.
(Getting bumped in front of the fire)
Dave and Jennifer
at the burn
A sculpture in the burn
was pushed over by a man in a firesuit.
Dave prepares the zip line.
(These are some of the photos that got corrupted, I managed to restore some of them a few years later..)
Dave on the zip line.
The photo of my patented landing was lost, even though that's why we went back. Amusingly we did it again the next year, and the photos were ruined again because of the wrong exposure setting. *sigh*
And the lost photo
I shall miss the most, the two Jens, with playa handprints on their asses.
Speaking of asses...
Jen packs up to leave.

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