Album: Haley and Amoebae

     Album:Friends:Haley and Amoebae

Haley and her cat Amoebae.

Amoebae is so wildly cute, that she has been given honorary membership in the Dave Madison Zoo.

Haley and Amoebae
( comments)
Happy Haley
at a party. Considering the importance behind this photo, this is one of my favorite of her. [2006/01/17] ( comments)
Amoebae Lion.
Haley's kitty. ( comments)
Happy Haley,
Grumpy Amoebae. ( comments)
Mr. P and Amoebae
finally becoming friends. ( comments)
And even more friendly.
( comments)
Amoebae takes on sledding
( comments)
Amoebae attacks "Thing In A Bag"
( comments)
She's pissed.
( comments)
It helps
that I put catnip in it. ( comments)
by Jon P. ( comments)
Common misconception.
Haley is not Asian, and she likes ducks. ( comments)
This is from a photo
by Ondine, from Herrang 2007 ( comments)
Caricature avatar
(from poster) ( comments)
Years later, wonderful Haley
creates wonderful Master Odin. Here he is driving the bus. ( comments)
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