Album: Friends


These are my friends
Are they not weird?
Many of them fell victim to the mini-movie feature of my digital camera.
20 images
Mo from San Diego
8 images
10 images
from San Diego
4 images
Haley and Amoebae
15 images
2 folders
16 images
28 images
Angry Anna Marie
Powerpuff Anna ( comments)
Anne is Special
Anne acting special
Anne didn't know my camera could do movies, so she was posing for a still.
I don't think she'll make that mistake again. ( comments)
Carrie Erik
( comments)
Claudine and Kodi
are approximately the same size! ( comments)
My friend Justin
was here when my camera showed up and we learned that it could do five second movies. So he composed and performed the "Five Seconds Of Me" song on the spot. ( comments)
Justin and his
new Hyabusa ( comments)
George Sza bad Dance
My (little) Cousin George helping cleaning up a spill on Gramps carpet by applying weight (his talent) ( comments)
Snora, Katie and Cianna
( comments)
Haley, Heide and Katie
Got dressed up for Megan's 80's birthday party (1980's party, not her 80th birthday ;) ( comments)
Katie J. and I
at Broadway Studios at some unknown date (herrang shirt - post 2001/2002?) [photo Paulo] ( comments)
Fabienne Kaufmann
came from Switzerland ( comments)
on 7/1/03
and we met in GG Park and I showed her round the city ( comments)
And she suddenly turned into a cubist.
( comments)
Rye and I
( comments)
My best and weirdest photos
seem to be with Rye ( comments)
Laura Hetzel
and an '85 year old revolutionary musician from Pingyao.' ( comments)
My little nephew Parker
[3gp Video] ( comments)
Karen and her pup
( comments)
Sara and Mr. Peterson
( comments)
Jake from Texas.
My friends are angry. ( comments)
My gramps Al,
as a kid, with his puppy Jiggs (gramps ~2yrs, so around 1918) ( comments)
My (paternal) gramps and grandma
with their motorcycle. ( comments)
My friend Jade
is a punk rocker. [photo JVHorn] ( comments)
The uncageable Jodie
( comments)
Northwestern Crew
of good folks. ( comments)
The lovely Sophie F
from Canada ( comments)
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