Album: Meeting our dog!

     Album:Animals:Koguma:Meeting our dog!
Holding our little bear..
( comments)
..for the first time
( comments)
We take him outside.
( comments)
He's unsure about
going on walks, but he likes us. ( comments)
Our little guy
( comments)
Hanging out in our room.
( comments)
He was pretty good
about avoiding messes, for a little guy, but he liked to rip things up. ( comments)
Meeting the family.
That's the mom, Aya Go, the white one is Shiro (who flew back with us) and the red one stayed with the breeder. ( comments)
We called him "Little Red"
but his eventual name was Akai Ojo Go. ( comments)
The family crowds
momma Charlie ( comments)
Charlie and our little guy
( comments)
Posing with our new pup
in the "love hammock" ( comments)
( comments)
Our boy
( comments)
Holding Koguma and Shiro,
his brother ( comments)
We go for a drive
along the Irish coast,.. ( comments)
..and he spends the whole ride
cuddling up to me with his legs wrapped around my arm. ( comments)
Our pup
at Slieve League (Sliabh Liag) ( comments)
Another dog at the breed
had pups while we were there (I think her name was Emi or Ema?) ( comments)
Johnny, the breeder,
and his dogs. ( comments)
Back in SF,
Koguma rides the BART for the first time, back to our place. ( comments)
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