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We got an Akita puppy, and we love him, and he is handsome, and he is good.

His name is Koguma (or 小熊) is Japanese for small bear, or bear cub.

Of course he has a page at: The Stellar Zoo

Baby photos,
before we got to bring him home.
10 folders
Meeting our dog!
We go to Ireland to pick him up. [2018-03-11]
21 images
10 weeks, 4 days
3 images
First trip to work!
(~11 weeks) [2018-03-22]
2 images
11 weeks, 6 days
Morning field trip [2018-03-27]
2 images
Koguma Meets Ferrets
5 images
At work.
6 images
Dog Meetup at Work
30 images
Mini-Shiba at work
10 images
Field of Dogs!
14 images
fighting Kenobi
his best friend from downstairs.
20 images
Learning to play with Turbo
[2018-03-23] ( comments)
Someone is a big, tall boy
and wants to show off his toy. [2018-03-26] ( comments)
Waiting outside the store
is great suffering. [2018-03-29] ( comments)
Happy Koguma at work
[2018-03-30] ( comments)
Socializing in puppy kindergarten
[2018-04-02] ( comments)
Snuggling with dad
[2018-04-08] ( comments)
"Kuma" sold here!
(Koguma's nickname) [2018-04-14] ( comments)
Someone's getting taller!
and learning about the house. [2018-04-26] ( comments)
( comments)
Toy on leash trick
means precious toy can come on walk without being forgotten [2018-04-28] ( comments)
Meeting a Corgi
at Precita Park (I think) [2018-04-29] ( comments)
First visit to Shades of Blues
is a love fest for Koguma [2018-05-14] ( comments)
Being loved at Shades,
where daddy and mommy met. ( comments)
Our boy
riding in the car [2018/05] ( comments)
Our handsome prince,
owning the hot tub [2018/05/20] ( comments)
When mommy picks
us up from work, she brings Turbo Kitty for the car ride.
[2018-05-31] ( comments)
Waiting for the shuttle
at work to go home [2018-06-01] ( comments)
Slow-mo tearup!
In the Santa Cruz Mountains on a birthday hike with Charlie [2018/07/04] ( comments)
"What is this family I just joined?!?!?"
( comments)
Koguma likes to guard
at the top floor window. [2018-08-15] ( comments)
img 20180815 135640596
( comments)
Mom and Koguma in car
[2018-09-30] ( comments)
Riding the train with dad,
is something Koguma becomes an expert at, 2-3 times a week.
[2018-11-02] ( comments)
Expert train rider
[2018-11-29] ( comments)
Forlorn Akita look
[2018-11-30] ( comments)
Dog meetup at the park
[2018-12-13] ( comments)
Happy dogs
( comments)
Koguma smooshed into
a blue couch, like another good dog [2018-12-20] ( comments)
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