Album: 11-10 Babymoon

     Album:2019:11-10 Babymoon

We take a "Babymoon" down to Monterey - a little vacation a couple weeks before the birth.
A good omen, "Yea Baby!"
as we drive out of town. ( comments)
We stay at an Alpaca
farm in Carmel Valley ( comments)
They also have a bunch
of crazy little roosters and a great cat. ( comments)
Alpaca's come say hi
( comments)
Especially when we bring food
( comments)
On the way to Monterey,
we spot the ruins of Fort Ord. ( comments)
I might have gone in to check them out.
( comments)
What I wouldn't give
to have a zombie nerf training session here. ( comments)
But it's probably not safe, I guess.
( comments)
Coming back out
( comments)
We go for a whale watching tour.
( comments)
Heading out,
past a billion seals basking on the break. ( comments)
Bird eating dead (jelly?) fish
( comments)
( comments)
Pregnant Charlie
stays cozy in her fashionable bathrobe ( comments)
( comments)
Whales come closer
( comments)
And closer!
( comments)
Another boat shows up
( comments)
( comments)
On the way back,
porpoises!.. or dolphins.. or both.. I don't know. ( comments)
Happy voyage
( comments)
Otters welcome us
as we come back into the bay ( comments)
Whale breeches
and a bunch of seals are hanging out, we're way out from shore. [Video, 22.3M] ( comments)
Nearby breach!
And then some tail action.. [Video, 15.7M] ( comments)
Next we go to
the Monterey Bay Aquarium! ( comments)
Leopard shark!
( comments)
Little penguin guy
( comments)
Sardines are hysterical
[Video, 11.7M] ( comments)
"Birth of Venus"
Charlie style ( comments)
Dave and Charlie
on the half shell ( comments)
Wow, that's seriously pregnant
( comments)
Charlie loves the big old fish
(Sea Bass, I think?) ( comments)
Scuba maintenance
( comments)
"How do they keep sh..rom eating the fish"
Answer: They don't. [Video, 5.2M] ( comments)
Dave attacked by a ray
( comments)
Charlie pets a ray
( comments)
A baby skate who wan.. into the other pool
[Video, 10.2M] ( comments)
Dave talks to some birds
( comments)
And then the sea otters
( comments)
Get feeding and training,
and are amazing. ( comments)
Sittin' in a box
( comments)
Charlie likes jellyfish..
( comments)
I find them horrifying.
( comments)
Freaky, eldritch monsters from the deep
( comments)
( comments)
Huge sailfish,
looks ridiculous. We saw one out on our whale watching tour. ( comments)
Just a very silly fish
( comments)
Cuttlefish light show
[Video, 15.1M] ( comments)
Pregnant Charlie
and swarming fish ( comments)
Dave makes up for the fact
that the cafeteria at the aquarium may be expensive, but at least the food is awful.. ( comments)
When sharks attack!
[Video, 6.4M] ( comments)
On the drive back,
we take a moment to briefly hike on the Tan Bark Trail. ( comments)
Hiking with a pregnant lady,
means not going very far. ( comments)
..but it's still fun
( comments)
Dave in nature..
( comments)
..still a dork
( comments)
Charlie points at something.
Grass, or trees,.. who knows. ( comments)
Panaroma of the trail
( comments)
Pregnant lady in a tree
( comments)
Then a short stop
at McWay Falls ( comments)
Kissing in the tunnel
( comments)
As we're leaving Big Sur,
we can't find a restaurant and end up eating at Fernwood Bar & Grill. It is *amazing* food, and we'd been camping right nearby the whole time. We meet a fun couple at the next table, and they take this unfortunately washed out photo of us. ( comments)
Our bus had broken down
during our trip to West Hollywood and it's fixed, so we go pick it up. Here's the new fan gearbox unit installed. ( comments)
And unbelievably,
at a gas station on I-5, we by chance run into PrettyTron from our Burning Man Camp. This is the second time we've run into someone at a gas station on I-5 by pure coincidence. ( comments)
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