Album: 10-29 Halloween-West-Hollywood

     Album:2019:10-29 Halloween-West-Hollywood

We head down to West Hollywood again because it's amazing. This time I made a costume for Charlie celebrating her pregnancy, and it was absolutely fantastic, if I do say so myself.
Supplies ready
for Charlie's costume ( comments)
First you chop off the baby's legs,
of course ( comments)
"When will I learn how to walk?"
(there's definitely something wrong with us) [Video, 24.9M] ( comments)
Demonstrating initial placement
( comments)
Building up the wound
( comments)
( comments)
Zombie baby is hungry
( comments)
And then on the way down
in the bus, this happens. ( comments)
More zombie baby prep,
I fill the baby with epoxy and then attach it to a belt. ( comments)
Zombie baby on belt
( comments)
Zombie mommy and baby.
I call it "Z-Section" ( comments)
Charlie is a big hit,
which is a nice relief from being a side kick to my massive Grim Reaper costume ( comments)
The massive Grim Reaper,
carrying my disembodied torso ( comments)
And we run into Gina!
( comments)
The massive crowds
( comments)
Because of the bus breakdown,
we need to rent a van and take the whole family back home ( comments)
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