Album: 09-20 Internet-Archive

     Album:2019:09-20 Internet-Archive

I met Brewster Kahle, the founder of the Internet Archive (one of my favorite resources on the web) while at Ephemerisle and he told me to come by and visit, the HQ is in SF in this beautiful old church and has loads of collections of things, which definitely got off my "completist" urges.
Welcome to the Archive!
( comments)
Brewster starts the tour
( comments)
An area that is
digitizing old educational films. ( comments)
Brewster takes us upstairs
to the "church" area... ( comments)
They have statues they've made
(inspired by the Terracotta Army) to "archive" the images of people who work at or are important to the Internet Archive. ( comments)
The pews,
are unused, unless you want to pray to the beautiful server racks. ( comments)
The old church,
including a display with a complete backup of the internet circa 1987? with pages randomly flashing on the 4 red screens ( comments)
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