Album: 07-20 Ephemerisle

     Album:2019:07-20 Ephemerisle

I had heard about Ephemerisle (which I affectionately call "Drowning Man") in the early days and had wanted to go, but didn't have a good connection (which is a foolish excuse).

Stellar Grey runs Suburbia and the Arts and Entertainment District, and wanted to have a floating dance floor. I know something about that (having built a floating dance floor at Herrang and, you know, being a dance teacher who runs a dance camp at Burning Man), so I finally got my excuse to go.

The dance floor, ironically, didn't happen, and I ended up doing a huge amount of build work, like I tend to do, and I had a great time.

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Driving into Ephemerisle
for the first time ( comments)
The tug boat
is the first thing you come across ( comments)
Sunday Drone Shot
[photo Sameer Halal] ( comments)
Another drone shot
( comments)
Looking back at Suburbia.
I was tenting in the front of the blue structure ( comments)
The "Arts and Entertainment" district.
Mainly off the barge we helped floor. ( comments)
Looking into the kitchen,
still waiting to be unpacked ( comments)
Build continues.
Lots of moving barges around and flooring things. ( comments)
Josh and Charlie arrive!
( comments)
Looking from Suburbia
(our porch) towards Bargey and the movie theater barge ( comments)
Where the $$ lives
( comments)
Building went on for some time
at the Arts and Entertainment district ( comments)
Panning on Bargey,
from Suburbia to the movie barge ( comments)
Walking across to the tug
( comments)
Me and my lady
( comments)
Looking from the Blues House roof
towards Bargey ( comments)
Stellar finally makes it to the site,
he was offsite running stuff back and forth. We managed to build and shade much of Suburbia ( comments)
( comments)
Suburbia front.
We're in the grey tent on the blue structure with the hammock ( comments)
Chillin on our porch
( comments)
Lots of building
and lots of relaxing. That's the game. ( comments)
The view from our porch
( comments)
Stellar finally gets to stop working!
( comments)
From Bargey,
the luxury boats to the left, and Arts/Entertainment to the right ( comments)
Walking on the side of Bargey
( comments)
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