Album: 03-11 Ireland

     Album:2018:03-11 Ireland

We go to Ireland, mostly to pickup our new little pup Koguma. You can see photos of that in his album.

These are just travel photos from that adventure.

We drive out towards Slieve League
with our little guy. This photo is in the park near Donegal Castle ( comments)
Driving in the car,
the little guy holds tight on to me the whole time. ( comments)
Our majestic pup,
at the majestic coast ( comments)
Sniffing around
( comments)
He explores, cautiously
( comments)
But doesn't go far
( comments)
But he's excited to see ewe!
( comments)
Charlie in the wind
( comments)
We find an amazing abandoned castle
( comments)
Down at the castle.
We decide to move in to our quaint oceanside home ( comments)
It's pretty great.
( comments)
The cliffs
( comments)
We take our little guy
to the vet, to get a pet passport ( comments)
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