Album: 07-01 Fourth-of-Juplaya

     Album:2017:07-01 Fourth-of-Juplaya

We finally make it out to Fourth of Juplaya at Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

It quickly turns to adventure, where we get stuck almost 30 miles out in the desert.

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About to enter playa!
[Video] ( comments)
We drive through the scrub
onto the playa! ( comments)
Riding the top of the bus
as we drive into the flats ( comments)
Top of the bus
[Video] ( comments)
[Video, 80M]
Drone footage
showing the barren space that is Fourth of Juplaya [Video, 79M] ( comments)
We run into Jason
and invent the game "Bus Horseshoes" [Video, 56M] ( comments)
Uh oh.
The bus is stuck. ( comments)
Map showing approximate location
that we were stuck (the red pin). Civilization is down in Gerlach, which you can see at the bottom of the desert. ( comments)
A 3-D map of where the bus was stuck,
where you can see the curvature of the earth! (to show some perspective) We were up in the right at the left of the two yellow pins. The hot springs are the pin on the right. The city of Gerlach is down towards the bottom-left of the map, almost 30 miles away. ( comments)
Our hike from the bus to the hot springs.
From the far left yellow pin to the top right pin, where we got our bearings and headed down past the bottom right pin to the greenish "r" shaped area that is Black Rock Hot Springs. About 8 miles round trip. ( comments)
We roam the desert floor,
searching for rocks to put under the wheels to try to create traction. ( comments)
Charlie's desert gear is minimal.
( comments)
During one of the evenings
that we are stuck, Charlie decides to make a dance film. This is not that film. This is a crappy, low-light photo from my phone camera. ( comments)
Black Rock Hot Springs,
a walkway in the darkness. ( comments)
Looking into the water
is a bit sketchy ( comments)
We stick our feet in for a bit.
It's hot! ( comments)
Back on the road!
We survived! ( comments)
Wadsworth and Frank are relieved.
( comments)
The mountains are still
on fire while we are leaving. ( comments)
It's a sad drive
( comments)
Helicopters all along the mountains,
running water [Video, 4.3M] ( comments)
Back on I-80,
where the fire actually jumped the freeway ( comments)
Trucks left behind
for fighting the fire. ( comments)
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