Album: 01-16 NVidia Work

     Album:2017:01-16 NVidia Work

I start work full-time again, like a grownup, at NVidia
Early morning freeway drive
for the first day. ( comments)
New Hire Orientation,
learning about the company ( comments)
And my college buddy Howii
is working at NVidia! ( comments)
My cube, first day.
It will change. ( comments)
Other college buddy Erik
and Howii and I meetup for lunch. ( comments)
Turns out I joined at a good time.
( comments)
I start setting up my office.
The Datahand Keyboards are first. ( comments)
My first cubicle,
after it's finally comfy [Video, 5.3M] ( comments)
And the hand chair comes in to work.
( comments)
NVidia builds a new HQ
across the street. Pretty fancy building. I get to tour it during construction. ( comments)
It's even going to have a bar,
oddly enough. ( comments)
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