Album: Album:1989-1994 College:1994-08 Goodbye Madison

Goodbye party. Erik and Howii, Kevin (Bert's brother) in the back. Mitch's friends Bryan and Chris Terry. Bert in the back, me and my ferrets and Kodi, and roommate Chris. ( comments)
Again, with the addition of Mitch. ( comments)
Heeya! ( comments)
Posing with my cycle and dog. Keith Johnson happened to be walking up to visit in the background. I believe he is carrying a gift of 2L bottles of Dr. Pepper, which was an extravagant gift at the time. ( comments)
Mitch and Mike had a goodbye dinner that they made for me. Mitch conned Mike into doing the cooking so Mitch could pretend he was a snooty waiter. ( comments)
Complete with the (c..ntentional) spilling of a full pitcher of water on my lap. There ain't nothing like good friends. ( comments)
Saying goodbye to Dave Whaley. ( comments)
Saying goodbye with sidewalk chalk. "Dave was here. Love Ya, Madison! Bye bye now. David Ljung '94" ( comments)
This baby raccoon came out to say goodbye to me as well. I love raccoons. ( comments)
I got Bert a tattoo as a gift. She hates it now, I think, but such is how life turned out, really. ( comments)
Napping with a sleeping ferret. ( comments)
Bascom Hall on Bascom Hill. ( comments)
The fountain outside..d the Student Union. ( comments)
Looking at the foot of Bascom Hill. (I think that's the music building on the left) ( comments)
Lake Mendota, from t..t the Student Union. ( comments)
The walkway bridge to Bascom Hill (and while all these photos of Bascom Hill are very 'Madison' - it's kind of silly since I had almost no classes there.) ( comments)
Driving through town one last time. ( comments)
Looking up the backside of Bascom. ( comments)
The Student Union. ( comments)
The back of the Student Union, again. ( comments)
By' Bye Now! ( comments)

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