Album: Bijou

     Album:2013:08-20 Burning Man:Bijou

The Bijou.


One of my favorite projects at Burning Man and my favorite place. In 2012 I met the team during cleanup, and ran into them again at one of the Indian Taco stands driving out, and I told them I wanted to join their crew. They took me in full force, and I worked on the best and most driven build teams I've seen at Black Rock City. The entire theater is built by about 6-7 people working non-stop for one week. Teardown somehow only takes a couple days, which I still have trouble believing even after doing it.


18 images
A couple walks to the Bijou
[photo Ales] ( comments)
The Bijou
under the clouds [photo Ales] ( comments)
Dusty Bijou
[photo Carel Nolte] ( comments)
Inside the theater
[photo Cat Laine] ( comments)
[photo Duncan Rawlinson] ( comments)
The beautiful lobby
(new as of this year) [photo Scott Williams] ( comments)
The theater
[photo Scott Williams] ( comments)
"Customers" at the candy counter
[photo Vito Fun] ( comments)
[photo Aly Weisman] ( comments)
Theater walkaround
[Video, 5.7M] ( comments)
The glowing Rosebud image on the side
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Bijou in the daytime
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The new, extended marquee
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Hot Blonde
[photo Curtis Simmons] ( comments)
After a Bijou roof sunrise,
I run into Bryn [photo dave] ( comments)
The glow at night
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I get to update the marquee
(a small dream of mine) ( comments)
Peter and the Bijou
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Looking across the roof
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We're closed!
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