Album: 08-20 Burning Man

     Album:2013:08-20 Burning Man

Burning Man.

A good year.

A very busy year. I showed up for the full early arrival week, though we almost died on the way up with yet another bus adventure.

I ended up working quite a bit, which was nice, because it was unbelievably fulfilling, though I didn't get much Playa time. I finally joined the Bijou team, after loving their project since it first came out in 2010 and after meeting them the previous year. That was a huge amount of work, like no project I had worked on at Burning Man before. I also did a quick job of announcing for Super Street Fire, which was amusing, and also, of course, Greeting and helping out with TuiB camp (though much less this year, thanks to their generosity in 'lending' me to the Bijou)

And finally I found out that the hot springs in Black Rock are actually open starting right after the burn, when I'm always there doing cleanup, so we hit the Trego Hot Springs and then the Sierraville Hot Springs on the way home. Luxury.

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Trego Hot Springs
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Post Burn
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The Man
( comments)
Announcing Super Street Fire`
[photo Shawn Luna] ( comments)
Some Black Rock City Dominion gaming
( comments)
Announcing Super Street Fire
[Video, 38.6M] ( comments)
The playa is packed
[Video, 26.5M] ( comments)
in the rotating light trip thing [Video, 47.3M] ( comments)
Kenyon is generally adorable,
this is extra adorable. [Video, 43.2M] ( comments)
One of my favorite
sound/light installations [photo Victor Dods] ( comments)
The temple burns
( comments)
..and falls
( comments)
..and we gather
( comments)
Surprisingly the rock sculpture
in the middle seems to get damaged by the heat. ( comments)
At the fire
( comments)
And then I meet
the strange and curious Aline, the Belgian rock star ( comments)
Tangod Up In Blues,
a good camp. ( comments)
Google Earth publishes 3D imagery
of Black Rock City. This is Tangoed up in Blues ( comments)
Another view of TuiB.
( comments)
My melting bus
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