Album: 05-29 Yosemite Hot Springs

     Album:2011:05-29 Yosemite Hot Springs

After all the hot springs fun at UBR, Nabi took me up towards Yosemite to check out Buckeye Hot Springs, and then we discovered Travertine on our way out, which was one of my favorites, though I managed to really tear up my ankle while cavorting around the beautiful rock formations near the springs.
The view on the way to Buckeye
(on Hwy89 E of Markleeville, I think..) ( comments)
My bus needing it's first
brake cooldown ever. ( comments)
The mountains.
( comments)
Hiking around the springs,
we meet a brave little chipmunk. ( comments)
Dave move trees.
( comments)
Dave make bridge.
( comments)
Bridge not safe.
( comments)
( comments)
Surprise snowfall at Buckeye
( comments)
It's nice to have a heated bus.
( comments)
The drive-in was perilous..
The drive out, with snow, super perilous. ( comments)
Freezing driver.
(Perhaps I should be steering?) ( comments)
Nabi and Carly,
up by Travertine ( comments)
Nabi and Carly
( comments)
Dave is mountain man.
( comments)
The crew
(excepting Mr Peterson) ( comments)
Travertine Hot Springs.
(The main springs) ( comments)
Fantastic rock.
( comments)
Nabi demos the hot springs
like a game show hostess. ( comments)
Nabi doesn't like
being called a game show hostess. ( comments)
Dave in rock.
( comments)
Nabi and Dave
( comments)
Dave and snow
( comments)
Dave and Nabi in the mountain
( comments)
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