Album: 04-01 Urban Fusion Recess

     Album:2011:04-01 Urban Fusion Recess

I went to (and taught at) the amusingly mislabeled "Urban Blues Recess"

It became immediately clear that it was a Fusion weekend, where the word "Fusion" means "anything that is not Blues music". Ah well.

I had an amazing fun class 6000 that Diane from Vancouver jumped in at the last minute to assist on, thanks Diane!

I spot 'coons
on the way out of town. ( comments)
Wow. Rest stops are cultural touchstones.
I quote (on a toilet seat cover dispenser): "Obama Partay Hats" - with the response: "Igrorent Rasist Redneck Moraon" ( comments)
Mr P. puts on her seatbelt.
( comments)
Driving up to Umpqua Hot Springs,
we almost get stuck. Stuck stuck. Like bad stuck. Yikes. ( comments)
People live in tents
in a main warehouse. That's a neat idea. Originally the classes were supposed to be in the same place, but they lost their original venue. Sad. [photo Wesley Kronick] ( comments)
Tent city.
( comments)
Sean Morse plays some music,
hallelujah [photo Josh Wisely] ( comments)
I teach a Blarials class
[photo Josh Wisely] ( comments)
..with assistance from
the graceful Diane Garceau [photo Josh Wisely] ( comments)
Prepping for Sh-boom!
[photo Josh Wisely] ( comments)
Prepping for a sneeze.
[photo Thomas Sitch] ( comments)
The Sunday late night,
is an under-overpass Rave [photo Thomas Sitch] ( comments)
Dancing w/ topher..
[photo Drew Tronvig] ( comments)
..right before I leave.
[photo Drew Tronvig] ( comments)
Combine Rocky Horror
night with a gender bender competition, and I suppose you have Fusion dancing. ( comments)
Driving home,
Mr P. decides to give Nabi a backrub. Weird! ( comments)
Driving back up the mountains
in the daytime, back to the hot springs! ( comments)
Looking down at the springs
( comments)
..which were fantastic
( comments)
And then, past Sacramento..
( comments)
..another inner drive tire blowout.
And damage to airbags and the shocks cover. Huge expense. ( comments)
But now I know why,
the drive bushings are too wobbly, and the tires are rubbing while driving. Fixable. ( comments)
And unfortunately the service shop
bends my bumper a little when they jack up the bus, even though I warn them about it, and they have to go to great lengths to bend it back. After charging the hell out of me. Ah well. ( comments)
And we drive through..eautiful storm home.
( comments)
Exiting the storm.
( comments)
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