Album:2010:12-27 Lindy Focus

It seems that movie-making and/or ruckus rousing is becoming a more serious pasttime for me. This year the Lindy Focus crew brought me out just to be a "Shenanigans Director" which was lots of fun. I didn't teach this year - presumably this won't become a trend where movie making replaces my teaching career, but once in a while is entertaining enough. And this year we went big - I think these movies are a little more accessible to the general Lindy Hop world - I really enjoyed the films and skits nad presentations we did in 2008, but they don't really make much sense to non-LF attendees, whereas this has a slightly more complete storyline even if you weren't there. The only things you really need to know are:
  1. We had puppets at Lindy Focus this year (thanks to Morgan K) which were the "LF Mascots" - we used them at the meeting once, but should have used them more. That's why they keep showing up in the videos. We have a video written for one of the puppets and Mikey Pedroza that we didn't get a chance to film, sadly.
  2. People
  3. I love zombies.
  4. The bathtub lab/time machine joke is a reference to the time travel video from Lindy Focus in 2008.
  5. No, that is not actually Reuel's scream.
  6. The elevator sudden change of tone joke in part III is completely ripped off from the "Food Rap" skit by Olde English Comedy.
  7. One of my favorite lines was cut off, when I go outside and say "Oh look, it's a North Carolina Hillbilly!" (referring to MC extraordinaire Andrew Thigpen)
  8. Partially complete credits for the saga
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Our Public Service Announcement
on the value that class level auditions bring to your life. This was the first video shown the night after level auditions with the hopes of lighten up any spirits that had been broken from auditions. [Video, 5.9M]
The instructor prank
that Luke and I pulled. [Video, 18.1M]
Lindy Focus Cash Elevator
Game Show! Win fabulous prizes! We're still working a few kinks out. We expect to add some floors to the hotel soon. (If you don't know about cash cab, then this probably will only be incidentally funny) [Video, 5.4M]
Part one of the epic saga,
filmed at Lindy Focus IX. Watch in order. [Video, 14M]
Episode two of three.
[Video, 21M]
The final chapter
in the saga [Video, 33M]
What time is it?
Lindy Focus 2031 greeting, according to Andrew Thigpen, recreated by Jesse Hanus, Mike Thibault and Yossef Mendelssohn. [Video, 11M]
Okay, so I hate competitions,
but this was just about the most brilliant performance I have seen, and they intentionally got disqualified by using the video. Fantastic. Props to Andrew and Karen. [vid by Patrick]
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