Album:2008:12-26 Lindy Focus

Lindy Focus is amazing fun bomb 6000.

I taught some Blues and Lindy classes this year with Ursi, which was great, and in addition to that on took on the role of "Shenanigans Director" (after all of the nonsense that we undertook last year).

We kicked it up a notch this year, and ended up moving into the realm of video production.

Dave Misses Late Night
7 images
Where's Sosh?
1 folder , 17 images
Late Night Count
1 folder , 2 images
Velociraptoff Announcement
3 images
Video Response: Every Lindy Hopper Counts [DC]
2 images
The Velociraptoff
5 images
The Future Of Lindy Focus
1 folder , 3 images
Plain ol' photos
8 images
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