Album:2010:01-08 SDFX

After continual bus/cold disaster strikes on my trip to Portland for New Years I decide my soul needs to experience a road trip that works, and also some warm climate. I head down to SDFX, the San Diego Fusion Exchange.

Frequently Asked Question: (shocked) "Dave! What are you doing at a Fusion Exchange??"

Answer: Waiting for them to maybe play some Blues. In fact, ironically I even DJ'd for the last 20 minutes of Sunday because Patrick Warren was supposed to DJ a Blues set and had to leave early, so I offered up my services to Andrew Sutton, basically because I wanted one last chance to dance.

I also got the chance to finally spend some time with Madison from Colorado, and there were beaches and warmth. Hallelujah.

Host of the Lindy Bunny Mansion,
FireMark, with Beth and Madison
Walking to the water
[photo Madison Huber]
Dave in the water
[photo Madison Huber]
Madison in the water
The beach is mine
[photo Madison Huber]
Crash crash
[photo Madison Huber]
Madison in the sun We walk out
amongst the rocks of OB [photo Madison Huber]
And my head
explodes into a ball of light [photo Madison Huber]
Walking amongst the rocks We watch the sunset
[photo Madison Huber]
And I attack the photographer
[photo Madison Huber]
Dave on the beach
[photo Madison Huber]
Madison observes
the lazy Madison
Madison and Madison
Back on the bus,
warming up with Mr. Peterson [photo Madison Huber]
Madison Squared!
[photo Madison Huber]
On the way home,
I stop at a rest stop and crash for the night in a big sandlot. Freedom!
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