Album:2010:01-01 Portland Champagne and Roses

I decide to go up to Portland for New Years instead of Lindy Focus, primarily to save money and see a friend of mine who I haven't seen in ages.

The punchline is that this friend ends up having to take off for the weekend, and I end up having a nightmarish road trip from hell which ends up costing me many times what it would have cost to go to Lindy Focus.


My actual 2010 New Years moment happened as I was driving the bus in the cold mountain pass heading North, and I noticed my phone click over to 0:00, so I lifted my cat in the air, kissed her and wished her a happy new year, then continued to drive (at least until one of the bus systems broke down again.

I arrive and get
in a pile of people on the couch, which is exactly what I needed.
And it got even better
the next night. Left arm ho and right arm ho. [photo Yarrow Elana]
Solomon and crew
at the Sunday late night house party
Where I meet
the interesting and odd Aurora
Everyone always hangs out in the kitchen. The Original Hotcake House
in the morning, is supposedly a Portland hot spot, but nobody is there. Hrm.
On my way home
I spend 4 days in Eugene working on my Genset..
..and take a break
to go dancing in Eugene.
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