Album:2006:08-27 Burning Man

Back to Burning Man, of course.

This year was epic. My sixth year of Black Rock City, and I had created a theme camp that was placed on the Esplanade right at 4:30, the best spot. Our camp was Ultra Stunt Danger Academy, or the U.S.D.A. for short.

It was quite an honor, though quite a stressor seeing as how we needed to get everything ready for being a camp right on the front of the action, something we hadn't expected. Amazing. We pulled it off, I think. People seemed happy and many stopped to get photos of our ghetto town frontage.

I think we lived up to our name with a number of injuries, including an quasi-fractured arm and a memory-loss concussion. Such is the dangerous life of the members of the USDA.

The Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots were back this year after a short break. It was great to run them again.

Again I had photo problems at BRC. This time my camera stopped working. Fuck you, Sony!

Photographers: Dave, Jeanie, Jerry, Jeremy, Larry Colen, Cooper

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We start setting up
the town after sleeping for a night. [photo Jerry]
A panorama
of the Esplanade [photo Jerry, kludgy stitching by Dave]
This was an enormous dust devil.
I ran the scooter out to it and rode inside, it was over 50' across. [photo Jeanie]
The town frontage
was particularly nice this year. [photo Cooper]
..the robots guard
the town entrance at night. [photo Cooper]
The town from out on the playa
[photo Cooper]
Later, a massive duststorm
[photo Jeremy]
Massive duststorm
[photo Jeremy]
Dust storm hits
[photo Cooper]
Looking like white trash
while the storm goes on. [photo Cooper]
The world starts to turn white
[photo Jeremy]
And then all hope is lost.
[photo Jerry]
The town sign
during the white-out.
Uncle Jer,
after the storm. [photo Jerry]
Digging the trench
for the Robot powerlines [photo Cooper]
Danny becomes foreman..
[photo Cooper]
..of the Ultra Stunt Ladies
[photo Cooper]
The trench
[photo Cooper]
Haley cavorts around
as the USDA mascot [photo Cooper]
..And then cleans up her toys.
[photo Cooper]
Building the floor
for the boxing ring [photo Cooper]
Setting up the ropes
[photo Cooper]
KK watches
[photo Cooper]
Assembling the robots
with lovely robot assistant. [photo Jeremy]
Dusty, naked robot help,
is the best kind of Robot help. The robots get first assembled. [photo Jeremy]
Robot Operating Area
[photo Cooper]
Cooper advertises,
whilst under the town frontage. [photo Jeremy]
Somehow this critter
was still alive on the playa. [photo Jerry]
Robot workers
stop for a passionate kiss. [photo Jeremy]
Building robots.
[photo Jeremy]
The inside of town,
with most citizens arrived. [photo Jeremy]
Haley and I
are photographed by zericm-yahoo
Karissa painted
like a superhero. [photo Jeremy]
Uncle Jerry
helps assemble the boxing ring [photo Jeremy]
Jordan helps paint
robots after combat damage. [photo Jeremy]
Time to setup the smoke ring machine
[photo Cooper]
Disco and my Uncle Ger,
and Brett happens to stop by. [photo Cooper]
[photo Cooper]
[photo Cooper]
Disco mans the propane
[photo Cooper]
[photo Cooper]
..the flame rises..
[photo Cooper]
..and the smoke ring
begins to form. [photo Cooper]
Flash boom!
[photo Cooper]
Disco Dan
assembles the torch we use to burn off propane (to prepare for Propane Soccer!) [photo Jeremy]
Running the propane
[photo Cooper]
Moths drawn to the flame
[photo Cooper]
Propane soccer
with a very 'wet' ball. [photo Cooper]
Robots setup
[photo Cooper]
The Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots
in action.
Strong uppercut
[photo NK Guy]
Good combat,
Blue Bomber wins! [Video, 4.8M]
Loading the robots
[photo Cooper]
Robots battling
[photo Cooper]
A weak fight
with an okay finish. [Video, 11.1M]
The robots
prepare to fight. [photo Cooper]
[photo Cooper]
[photo Cooper]
Cooper climbs in
to battle [photo Cooper]
Cooper's battle
- the robots tangled [photo Cooper]
The robots in the sunset
[photo Cooper]
Robot heads
in the sun. [photo Cooper]
Robot combat A video of the robots
I found on YouTube posted by St3ph2u
At the moment
of knock-blocking-off.
Good combat
with DPW [Video, 5.9M]
Haley goes into combat Haley in combat
[Video, 16.8M]
We had a blues dance
most nights in town. [photo Jeanie]
Dance floor courtesy Kermit [photo Jeanie] Haley and Kermit
setting up appropriate mood lighting. [photo Jeanie]
Uncle Jerry
[photo Aurie]
While doing some research
on our neighbors for 2007, we look at their photo album and click on a thumbnail of an attractive looking woman and it turns out to be Haley!
Ballistic Bob
brings his Pole Dance Revolution to the Playa. Hunny Dan tries it out with ??
And Haley, of course,
takes the pole.
(Dark) Random Hug Patrol!
[Video, 2.3M]
Random Hug Patrol! We spread random hugs
throughout the Playa, spending some time at Center Cafe.
This was the best hug.
The guy in the center with the skulls on his hat (from Death Guild, I think) had this terrified look on his face while everyone was hugging him, and then he suddenly sunk into the comfy bliss.
Haley and I
climb about in "Cat's Cradle."
Haley Cradle The famous "Message Out of the Future"
a.k.a. the Belgian Waffle. This was the hottest wood burn I have seen in my life.
The Belgian Waffle
lit-up at night. [photo Jeanie]
The inside of the Belgian Waffle,
with Kermit, Nathan and Jeanie. [photo Jeanie]
The Belgian Waffle
at day. [photo Jerry]
"Starry Bamboo Mandala"
a 55' tall bamboo structure. [photo Aurie]
Haley stands at the base,
we consider climbing.
After much effort,
we manage to climb to the top.
And watch the sunrise. And a dragon art car. Sunrise.
Then my camera died.
was fire genius Nate's project. I sadly didn't get to see it, but here is an amazing video from YouTube [Video]
Beautiful. [photo herby_fr on flickr]
The Esplanade getting watered
in front of our town, with the teddy bear train in front [photo Waldemar Horwat]
Center Camp from the sky,
you can see the red blob that is my bus as Esplanade comes up near the top of the photo. [photo NKGuy]
Animal Control,
on the hunt. [photo Cooper]
The town frontage.
[photo Jerry]
The front of the town
as the sun sets. [photo Jerry]
A dragon eats my bus
and the U.S.D.A. [photo Larry Colen]
On the bus
watching sunrise. [photo Aurie]
The women
of U.S.D.A. [photo Jeremy]
Bryson ('Erection In Progress')
airbrushed a bunch of the women in camp in preparation for Critical Tits. [photo Jeanie]
enjoyed fire and being naked. Not from our town, but hung out plenty. [photo Cooper]
Green Haley
[photo Cooper]
[photo Cooper]
Daily repair work on the robots.
This year all of the arms had to be replaced. A'lan is helping me here with some of the reconstruction. [photo Jeanie]
Smoke rings
(I don't know if these are from our machine or not.. Jeanie?) [photo Jeanie]
We setup our smoke ring machine.
A blast of fire
Forming a smoke ring
[photo Cooper]
And then they burned the Man.
Saw that coming. [photo Jeanie]
The last few years
we have been blessed with fire devils. [photo Jeanie]
Last night for the robots.
[photo Jeanie]
A relaxed Dave and Haley
at work. [photo Jeanie]
Post combat
[photo Jeanie]
Karissa, bless her,
follows my advice and gets a Playa hairdo. [photo Jeremy]
gets playafied. [photo Jeremy]
The first casualty
of an Ultra Stunt lifestyle, Mel smacks her arm. [photo Jeremy]
We find this UltraStunt toy,
which Luke later uses to get the name 'Concussion' [photo Cooper]
Some of the town,
my Uncle Jerry, Cooper, Karen, Nathan and Jeanie. [photo Jeanie]
The temple burn,
very mellow this year. [photo Jeanie]
The empty robot boxing ring,
with something burning in the distance (the Belgian Waffle, perhaps?) [photo Jeanie]
The Man
[photo Larry Colen]
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