Album:2006:08-11 Survival-Research-Labs

There's a group called Survival Research Labs that does great exploding destruction art. They were one of the original influences on Burning Man, and they had a show in San Jose that we checked out. If I hadn't been to Burning Man, then I would've been floored, but this was much like the fighting robot side of Burning Man (which I obviously subscribe to) on a smaller scale.

Massive fighting robots, fire, a tesla coil, and a machine that shot wooden 2x4s at 80 mph in "combat" makes for an interesting time. One of the fighting robots was "armed" with a massive cannon pulse jet that made this booming bass that shook your clothes. Excellent. There was also a mini train/tank thing that had 6 air cannons on the top, similar to what we want to do in our town, but using explosives as the motive force for the air. Whatever works. :)

Preparing for death!
Evan was the one
who pointed us towards the show.
There were fighting robots,
and a large tesla coil.
The tesla coil
wasn't exactly made to produce large bolts, but in this case that was good, because it would have killed most of the crowd nearby.
but many bolts from the coil.
Lightning death to robots!
The robots conveniently drove under the tesla coil to get shocked.
Video of the chaos.
You can hear the cannon pulse jet engine making the most amazing booming bass I've ever heard. [Video, 2M]
Post-show cleanup
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