Album:San Francisco:2004-08-28 Burning Man

Burning Man 2004.


BM'04 was a great year for me, but very different from previous years.

There was less art this year [1] (I'm under the impression that many of the big names were burnt out and needed a break), so the energy wasn't quite as powerful, and I had some things I needed to deal with, so it was much more a year of introspection and learning for me.

I brought back my Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots this year, and they kicked ass. I had to make a bunch of modifications to them so they'd be stronger and survive another year, and they worked great.

The van, finally packed. Arriving at BRC.
Alternate driving rules are obeyed. [movie]
The ticket gate.
Early morning Sunday (not alot of people yet)
BRC in the distance.
Man visible in the center.
Driving up to the greeters. I met this great guy, Romeo
the white fuzzy rabbit, who was very helpful with the 'bots
Brien's got the bling-bling.
I convinced dancing friend Brien B. from Seattle to come to BM, and he camped with me and helped with my 'bots.
Referee Dave and new burners
Romeo and Brien
The robots are back!
[photo geoffsi]
A great video of the robots
[courtesy Marc Merlins]
Action shot of the robots
[courtesy Romeo]
Nice action shot
[photo tecgirl]
Another found photo
[photo Mr. Fang]
And a nice photo of Romeo
resetting the robots [courtesy Marc Merlins]
Robots fighting Victory!
Another knockout. And Red Rocker takes on another challenger Nice profile of the Red Rocker. Terrified Blue Bomber
Art cars often came up behind the ring
to watch the fights.
Referreeing a match
with Romeo (the helpful assistant and nice-guy) in his lovely dress in the background.
Overseeing a match. Entering the ring.
Panda wins as Red Rocker Robots attack! More fighting Entangled robots,
Red Rocker wins!
Blue Bomber wins!
Quickee side view
Some people didn't understand
how to position the robots. Brien led a chant to egg them on. [movie]
Dark, with Blue Bomber winning
Brien gets the crowd riled up.
Then we found Bop!
This great game where you have a flexible pole (PVC) with a mutilated stuffed animal on the end.
Your job,
to remove your opponents helmet with the stuffed animal.
So I challenged Brien from Seattle.
Overhand Bop! The Jedi Master of Bop!
came up to us after the match
and asked where we had learned to play. He said it was the b..h he had seen there.
We were totally exhausted. The game is actually quite hard. So finally we got too tired. And called it a draw.
(No, we are not kissing..)
Coming home I randomly run across
Brien on the top of an art car.
And he believes himself to be a god. A few thousand people on bikes
at Critical tits. [photo Stewart Butterfield]
Beautiful art car.
Reminiscent of Tron LightCycles
Lumerian Tribe
and my dome and robots to the left (behind Freq's van)
Working on the robots. The shoulders took a beating this year,
for some reason.
And got cracked silly.
My excellent and dedicated robot crew:
Jen (BM'03!), Brien, Dave and Romeo
Travelling around after
running the 'bots, we run into some of Romeo and Jen's friends in Jadu Beta
Watching Nate make fire Nate sure does a good job of making fire.
(Actually this is probably one of Nate's crew in the suit) [courtesy Romeo]
Nate brought his vortex. The wind was not kind to him this year. But at the end of the week
they ran manually
With just the outsid.. one or two torches.
Wow. and it was great, as always. Fire and tornadoes. You can't beat that.
Another wow. Neat shapes at the bottom. A few bursts of the vortex. A great vortex shot
[courtesy Shiree]
The site of the man,
after the burn.
A big pile of ash
and twisted wreckage.
Alien Mothership and 9 Robot Rovers
[photo geoffsi]
Lumerian Tribe had a..ctical joke workshop
'planned' out by the Trash Fench [photo Dale East]
And for the last year,
David Best graced us with another one of his beautiful temple creations.
This time he went wide,
with walkways that people could use to reach the second story.
Featuring his intricate sense of detail,
as usual.
Some people playing
some sort of orb instruments.
The sun sets against.. back of the Temple. And Best's beautiful art car
looked like a Cadillac LandSpeeder.
Jadu Beta
was a marshmallow looking space.
Which you could crawl into.
And this year I got
to ride the swing car.
Last year I took som..ideo on the zipline,
but it was lost! This year I went back to replace it, and it was overexposed! Argh! Here's Brien taking a zipline run.
My patented full-body landing. Jack takes a run.
My dustiest landing ever.
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