Album:San Francisco:2003-09-08 Australian Visitors

I went down to Rob and Diane's Indian Summer Swing Camp for a night of dancing (and to see my good friend Mel from SD), and I ended up meeting a bunch o' Aussies.

They ended up coming to SF after the camp and stayed at my nefarious SF Lindy Hotel.

We had a dandy good time.

This is my dog.
She's great.
And sometimes she's a teddy bear. So I smoosh her plenty. This is Jess.
She's from the land down under. That means she probably eats vegemite.

I%27m dancing with Michaela

My dog loves it when I smoosh her. So yes, I smoosh her lots. We went to fisherman..and uncovered swing.
I'm dancing with Michaelauncovered swing.
Jess, Michaela, Rob
standing in front of really expensive fruit.

Jess and I
at the Kodak moment spot on the pier
Michaela poses
in front of the false cable cars. (one of my pet peeves)
The predecessor of Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots!
At the Musee Mecanique I discover the predecessor to my massive Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots project
Dave wins!

Dave and The Mountin Boys.
Swing it! Yu'll git a kick outa it!
Excellent GGBridge shot.
Go Jess!
We went to Muir Woods They had trees there.

We stood in front of them. And tried to walk across them. But I fell. And died.

We drove down to Santa Cruz on Hwy 1 Which has this great old fort
that I love to climb on.
And then we bored ourselves
silly at the Santa Cruz boardwalk
It is a very silly place.
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