Album: Misc
Album: Misc
Haley's Kettle,
looking pretty
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My ring collection.
There is only only one now that matters
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Some old online avatars
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Interior of a Ford
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Neat stuff
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Funny stuff
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Party images
for the Fulton Fun House
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John Wayne Gacy,
showing us that clowns are terrifying. ( comments)
( comments)
Nagasaki Panorama
A panorama I assembled based on old photos my Uncle John had of Nagasaki, after the blast.
After the war, the US Merchant Marine brought ships into Japan.
One of the vessels had a crew member from Alexandria, MN, they were allowed to travel.
They took these photos, without any protective clothing.
From looking at google Earth, near as I can tell they took the photos from somewhere at or near the Iwasugi Shrine (which would also explain the apparent tombstones in the bottom far left of the photo) ( comments)
Early aerial photo
of the block of the Fulton Fun House according to Pictometry Int'l, my house was in the middle row with the grey roof (5 full houses from the left) ( comments)
A fantastic and informative graphic on the state of happiness ( comments)
Baby eyes
I put a parachute up in my bedroom with two holes where the lights are in the ceiling, and it looks like an erie baby's head with glowing eyes. ( comments)
Madison Ballroom
( comments)
( comments)
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