Album: Examples:2004-03-13 Go Game

So there's this funky thing called "The Go Game" that some folks here run.

Anyways, I created a team called "Team Player" and we came in second, though the gameplay wasn't balanced. Ah well. Sore loser, I am.

Team Player
Fearless Captain Dave, Mitch, Jeff, Erik, Henry, Jeremy and Heide in front (Bodhi not pictured)
"Find someone with a special talent"
In this case, our acrobat Jeff gets us mega points.
"5 photos: Show the .. a medicine or drug"
Instead of a stupid "I got drunk and got sick" Team Player demonstrates what happens when a Neanderthal (Mitch) takes some "Smart Water" (though first he has trouble opening the bottle)
Finally the bottle is open
And our hero starts ..coming sophisticated
(and literate)
Eventually, he becomes
the buddha
And then he reaches
true enlightenment. (and a perfect judges score for our team :)
"Show a new way to panhandle"
Our piece-de-triomphe, titled "The Jig Is Up," another perfect score [Movie, 3.2M] (no sound - pretend an Irish jig is playing)
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