Album:Trouble:2003-06-11 Ouch

On 6/10/2003 my shoulder was bugging me, so I decided to take a bath the next day to relax it.
That never happened.

I got a DVD ready for my portable DVD player, and made a plate of Heuvos Rancheros (yummm..).

I have a wood board that I put across the tub like a table. I had everything ready, and I was stepping out of the tub to get something, into a small spot between the sink and this board.

On my way down, I had the premonition that I was going to slip.
I was right.

My feet freakin' flew out from under me, and I came crashing down onto the board will the full weight of my body, and managed to rip open a gash from my ass all the way to my nipple (hey, that should pick up some porn searches on google.. ;).

And it damn hurt like freakin' rabid monkeys eating my flesh with broken teeth.

I do not recommend that you try this at home.

6/11: After cleaning off the blood..
Here comes a scar!
6/12: the next day
it started changing to all these pretty colors
6/12: How lovely. 6/13: Not pretty
The bruises keep spreading.
6/14: Here comes the infection!
And it itches and burns like a mother...
6/16: Now it's mostly yellow
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