Album:Trouble:2000-07-21 Cycle

On July 21st, 2000 I was sideswiped by a car while riding my motorcycle.
These are some pictures from that accident.
Chronicle Story
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1994 Nissan 200sx
This is the car that hit my motorcycle
Front right fender
This isn't that different from the last view I remember ;)
I ripped the bumper off.. Front left
Again.. Impact
The squarish dent in the fender is right where my motorcyle dove straight into the front of the car
Left side
I'm not sure how this got damaged since I hit the front right of the car and went over, though I'm told the car slid 20 feet and landed right next to me, it's possible it hit the van that I hit with my body.
Interior Rear
Front left again.. Airbages again
This is the van that I flew into
It's hard to see the depth of the dent, it looks just like a ripple on a photo
Glass strewn about
Evidently some piece of something flew into the van and hit the #5 preset on the radio and broke the button
And something else flew in and smashed part of the dash
On my left wrist I broke my distal radius and needed surgery. These pins were sticking out of my arm holding the bone in place.
Notice the lovely bruising - this was actually a few weeks after the accident.
Cycle After Cycle After large Cycle Before Cycle Before After
Morbid animation showing the before/after shots of the motorcycle, lined up and to scale.
Cycle Front Damage Cycle Top Damage Police Report 1 Police Report 2
Van 1
This is the van that I flew into. Unfortunately a photograph can't pickup the dent very well.
Van 1 sm Van 2 Van 3

Morbid, eh?
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