Album: Garden


Our backyard project, starting with a big emptyness.

Also, including a directory of plants from our garden, by name!

48 images
The beginning.
An empty yard with a big tree and a dead tree [from the ML Listing] ( comments)
Yard after parent's visit
[2019-01-13] ( comments)
Looking down
[2019-01-13] ( comments)
Tour of the backyard
[Video, 137M] ( comments)
And excavation begins
for the pathway [2019-05-27] ( comments)
Showing pathway work
[Video, 84.5M] ( comments)
The new path!
[2019-05-27] ( comments)
Tour of the new yard!
[Video, 54.3M] ( comments)
Looking down
[2019-10-02] ( comments)
The sunset view
from our back porch ( comments)
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