Album: Professional

Back in Colorado
I was in a dance troupe - I took this photo and outlined it to use as a logo (at much smaller scale, of course :). My right arm in the image is not actually real - I drew it because my actual right arm was in front of my body, and the whole picture was off balance. [1998?] ( comments)
Some clips from
an ABC shoot [1998/10/16] ( comments)
Another ABC vidcap
( comments)
Photos taken by
the fantastic Erik Butler for SFMagazine. For more info see my Swing site [1999/01/19] ( comments)
My partner here
is World Lindy Hop champion Maggie Moon [1999/01/19] ( comments)
Another photo
[1999/01/19] ( comments)
Life Cover
Not me, but such a classic photo ( comments)
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